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Did You Know Google Has Official SEO Grading Tools?

These are NOT free, cookie-cutter, lead generation based website assessment checkers everyone has submitted out of curiosity. They are direct from the horses mouth – the very entity you want to please and rank # 1 in – Google.com. What if your website is objectively worse and losing against your competition’s SEO and website according to Google.com? Do you think it makes sense you would rank above your competition, even though Google itself is telling you explicitly there are core issues and EXACT reasons why you are losing? This disconnect with objective reality has been a major pain point for pop-up SEO experts and clients who don’t understand why Google “hates” them, or why internet marketing won’t work for them, yet it does for everyone else. When you remove emotions, whether optimizing your diet, relationships, or in this case a website, through Search Engine Optimization, cold-blooded realists, data analysts, and technological advantages rule the roost.

Playing the lottery in hopes of getting rich (We’ve all done this) is wishful thinking…

Eating 2 Double Quarter Pounders with cheese (Me today, guilty of this) while trying to lose weight is wishful thinking…

A website which is objectively worse according to the same entity ranking it but hoping somehow it goes against its own algorithm (nature) is wishful thinking…

Your competition is the teacher’s pet for now, and we can dethrone them, when we create a shinier, redder, juicer apple to hand in to the teacher (Google). Luckily, all tests are not final, and we can increase scores, and drive more traffic. The bad news is everyday that goes by you are losing website clicks, leads and real money, while giving a negative feedback loop to Google that your competition deserves to outrank you and is better than you. It’s a vicious cycle; today’s losses of website traffic are compounded into enormous future losses. More on that later, which is an area we focus on intently due to Google’s new shift in algorithms.

Not all is lost, everything in virtual reality can be corrected and optimized to win

You are great at what you do and you love doing it. Your ideal prospects are searching for you. Can they find you? You have to close the gap between Virtual Reality and Reality. If you are excellent in real life, it’s your obligation, or the company who represents you, to fix this immediately. However, if you are not a business of excellence, all the SEO and online marketing in the world will NOT fix a bad business model. If a business is failing, has subpar reviews or is a startup, SEO and online marketing is not what it needs – it needs a reality check or to shutter it’s doors. SEO is not a Hail Mary, a Lottery Ticket, or a “last chance”. If you are looking to do “some SEO” this not the resource for you. SEO and marketing in general are jet fuel to grow faster than you would otherwise (and you would grow either way) because you love what you do. Best of all, this isn’t something that takes months and months to fix and correct. Typically everything can be aligned and resolved within 30 days. On the technical side of Search Engine Optimization, everything is under the webmasters control – literally. This is perfect because it means we determine our own fate for ourselves and clients. There are other important external factors to consider, both near and long term, which we will go over in detail as well. The internet is moving towards real time results. When famous people die, Google’s algorithm swarms to aggregate data points and deliver results based on associations and entities. Whether you are a famous celebrity who recently passed away, a local business, or national company, website rankings and internet marketing are determined by a symphony of computer algorithms.

Six Major Misconceptions about SEO and Online Marketing

1.) It takes too long to get results: Old methods, yes, because they were based on sweat equity and guesswork – now quicker wins with data and technology. If you asked 1000 Cavemen to write out the contents of Wikipedia, it would take them a few lifetimes. Now you can export and call it a day before lunch. Don’t be a caveman. Use the best technology and products available to win against your competition.

2.) It’s too expensive:

“Hence a wise general makes a point of foraging on the enemy. One cartload of the enemy’s provisions is equivalent to twenty of one’s own, and likewise a single picul of his provender is equivalent to twenty from one’s own store.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

In 545 B.C. Sun Tzu understood how valuable assets are in a zero sum game. In Google, only ONE website can earn the click. Do you think Sun Tzu would allow his competition to essentially steal the lion share of new business, if not All of the potential assets (customers) from him? His samurai sword would be unsheathed; he wouldn’t dare step foot on the digital battle field with an inferior SEO strategy.

3.) I can create a blog, add text, content to rank: Sounds like a fun second job! Seriously, if content got the job done, you wouldn’t need to optimize your website against the competition. Do you think the other websites ahead and below you don’t have text? Is text really this magical solution, which is rare and valuable? It’s a red herring and distracting you from big wins. Everyone has text, images, and even video at this point. It’s all about advantages on the backend of the website’s SEO code, frontend, and proper promotions. More text as a means to an end, isn’t going to solve this problem unfortunately.

4.) I’ll stop once I hit #1 or plateau: The “one off” SEO is a special mindset because it assumes your competition is just going to stand still and watch as you gorge on all their food, drink all their wine, and bed their women (or men) or both if you prefer, what do I care.

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Yes, results can continue for weeks, months and years, but why sacrifice tomorrow’s gold for today’s silver? Wouldn’t you rather just keep dominating, and either grow further, or hit a plateau ceiling at the tippy-top, where you are cash-flow positive, and one less thing to worry about? The “One Off” crowd wouldn’t consider doing a 1 mile jog once and prognosticating themselves as “runners”. There is also no financial incentive for the SEO business to keep you ranking well and keep all your technological advantages active. A website (SEO and marketing included) is not a static billboard. It’s more akin to a living, breathing organism which needs constant care, attention and updates. Just as you can relax once you get in very good physical shape, eventually you’ll lose the gains if you don’t maintain and go against inertia. Your competition isn’t giving up, so why should you?

5.) SEO is an expense: If a house can be classified as an appreciating asset, and NOT actively help grow your business, SEO most certainly is the ultimate investment in yourself and business. Money is important to everyone, which is why budgeting and client options should be considered carefully. To view SEO and marketing as an expense rather than an opportunity is a fear based mindset, which is understandable. If I handed you 2 dollars for every dollar you gave me, how many dollars would you give me? Successful businesses view client acquisition as necessary. It’s certainly more akin to an investment, whereas the returns are more standardized and much greater and predictable than the stock market. Just ask NIO stock how it’s doing. I doubled down on “China’s Tesla”. The point is, if you don’t trust yourself enough to bet on yourself and your business (vs some pump and dump factory on the other side of the world), don’t expect an SEO business, ours or others to “sell you” on the benefits of growing your business. If it’s an expense in your mind, that’s something you should re-evaluate. Every dollar we spent on our agency has come back 10 fold. Our clients are routinely experiencing record years of sales. Whether it’s personal growth, learning, new equipment, marketing materials, you’ve accomplished what you have in business because you were not the type of person who gave up. Expenses cost you money. Proper SEO and Online marketing grow your business and put money back in your pocket – it gives you the greatest chance of positive ROI (Return on Investment). IF you are not cash-flow positive however, this is a moot point and SEO will 100% NOT save your business.

6.) I can outsource this to “X” foreign country: Micro-management is a pain in the ass, and having to work with freelancers or a team of people will basically condemn you to a second job. This is completely understandable if you are just staring out, but any real business understands divisions of labor. The accountant shouldn’t also clean the floors at night. Ironically it’s usually not cheaper in the long run to buy “cheap SEO” overseas because they usually just play Russian Roulette with your website, throwing tons of spam and links at it, hoping to brute force their way to the top of Google’s algorithm (spoiler, that doesn’t work well anymore and can usually lead to purgatory, aka Google’s sandbox). Our major advantage is technology. As you will see on client’s websites and throughout our process, human labor is important, but not the star of the show. So while human labor is cheaper overseas, the software and technology we apply for clients is generating exponentially higher rates of return for our client’s bottom line. Let’s beat this horse to death one more time. If you buy a $3 hotdog on a side-street in Calcutta, chances are they aren’t stuffing it with free range chicken and grass fed beef.

Ready to See Exactly How We Rank Clients #1?

We welcome you on this journey. On our website we are happy to showcase all of the official Google tools, including the most important ones to determine why your website is losing to your competition and how to fix it, as well as our exact detailed process when taking a client on from day 0-30, and 30+ along with real live client results. Skeptical? Go to Google and check yourself. Go to the official tools and check. Our advantage, which is now all of our clients advantage, is new technology and systems.

**NEW** Technology. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

WOW! Google AMP Valid websites load instantly inside Google. Webpages actually get faster if you go through Google since they are preloaded!


Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Test

Google Acceleration of rendering of web-based content Patent

Speed Optimization: Was It Not Enough to Load Instantly?

Google is obsessed with performance, and speed is the most important technical indicator of a website’s usability. While most websites load relatively fast, these optimizations can be imperceptible to humans, yet critical to search engine robots and SEO ranking algorithms. AMP, allows websites to load near instantly since it’s preloaded (cached) in Google’s own cloud server, yet there are other best practices to get an even faster website.


Google PageSpeed Insights Tool


Image SEO: JPEG and PNG are OLD – **NEW** Google WebP Images

Humans are visual creatures. We need visual cues and stimulus to help move us forward in space. The old adage, a picture is worth a 1000 words is true; images and rich media rule the internet. Don’t have images? Start taking pictures during your business process, whether service area, brick and mortar or a manufacturer. Images can be filled with amazing amounts of data to help Google and other search engines “see” it more clearly. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Artificial Intelligence projects by Google show clearly they are getting more accurate at understanding an image as a human would, but there is also data nestled inside the image and around it which should be optimized.

Titles, Alt Text, Captions, and surrounding content should support and reiterate your focus keywords for that particular webpage. EXIF data is important because it’s information such as Geocordinates of a photo. It’s how detectives help catch predators. This image data is so sensitive Facebook and Google actually “strip” it out of the photo upon uploading, so people can not determine where and when, and with what device the photo was taken. However, Google Maps knows exactly all about the EXIF data upon upload to Google Maps. We edit EXIF data using Adobe Photoshop, rename it, add alt text, captions, and surround it with relevant content to fully support images.

WebP images are also compressed 26%-34% more than their counterparts; they load faster, and rank higher in Google. It’s just like AMP, it’s not only endorsed by Google, it is Google. If you aren’t using new advantages and best practices, you are missing out on traffic, leads and sales.


Google New Image Standard WebP Official

Google Image SEO Best Practices

Get All the Leads! Conversion Optimization

Getting traffic is great, but it only matters if you are converting traffic into warm prospects, leads and sales.

Facebook Photos automatically synced with your website add time on website and increase conversion rate. Professional testimonials, coded with structured data increase conversion rate. By adding a few key components to your website, such as visual cues, animations, large calls to action on Desktop, Mobile, media to stop lost opportunities. Of course remarketing is also a part of maximizing your conversion rate, albeit a two step process. Traffic acquisition, they leave, follow up, and sale. More on that later.


Optinmonster 53% Increase in Conversion Rate from Abandonment

Smart Engage: Importance of Chat Bots

Local SEO: How to Rank in Google Maps

It’s important to note, posts never get deleted permanently and go into a supplemental index. This means every post you make helps support each webpage forever inside Google’s data-centers.

Example Google My Business Post

SEO Coding: Google Structured Data

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Technical Search Engine Optimization: Webpage Level

SEO Title

SEO Description

SEO Keywords


Headings and HTML markup are like tonality. You can whisper, yell, pause, etc in conversation to denote importance. With text, media and other content, search engines rely on markups and meta data to understand text, relevancy, associations and importance.

From most important to least (although all should be implemented if possible): H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, Bold, Italic, Blockquote, Underline and other misc html markups to differentiate words from others on the webpage.


Search Engine Optimization

30 Days to see fast results! This is a very common, important question. Some, not all clients we take on have been burnt by other SEO companies. This is why we provide a video report in the first month, because you cannot "see" all the awesome work done on a technical level to ensure best practices. This allows us to focus SEO for near- and long-term results, not simply short-sighted as we respect our clients enough to say, this is what we've done, and exactly why it will help you. A website, SEO and online marketing should be viewed in the context of longevity. Just as you could lose an incredible amount of weight by not eating, it would not serve you long term. The same is true for SEO. There are endless amounts of corners which can be cut, but there is only ONE right mindset. The correct method is to align your business website with the search engines and end users (human beings). By creating a website which communicates all your services, service areas and products clearly, you will have more opportunities to earn business. We’ve had clients experience an increased conversion ROI within 30 days, but most results become apparent within 2-3 months. This is based largely on competition, and your budget. When done properly it’s not a question of if, but when. Time and budget are of course directly connected. Less budget, more time, more budget, less time. How Long Does SEO Take to Rank in Google
Cost is important to everyone. Because we don’t pull a number out of thin air, we allow our clients to choose their true budget based on situation and goals. NJ SEO approaches SEO, Online Marketing, and Web Design from a pragmatic business perspective. We understand our relationship is to help you do more of what you love to do, providing goods and services to your valued customers. While cost and value are intricately linked, we do not pull a number out of thin air to determine a price quote. Instead, we utilize a tier pricing structure currently based on Gold, Platinum, Silver and Bronze. Depending on client's objective and true budget (what they are comfortable with spending if receiving an ROI), we send out deliverables each month. Similar to how McDonald's does not sell "getting full", we do not sell "rank #1" as it's not only disingenuous but dangerous, resulting in many SEO companies cutting corners for the sake of a) profits and b) retaining a client. Quality of work is consistent across client options; only difference is volume of work, and price savings for larger campaigns. SEO Cost Price Packages    
Google Maps is intricately connected with Google My Business. Google My Business is the hub of all SEO and online marketing (primarily local). If you do not have a listing, you need to get a verified one (we can help if necessary). There is an enormous amount of opportunity and actions which can be taken inside Google My Business and your website. The two work synergistically. While the premise is simple; utilize every input field, there can be thousands of actions within each section, such as posts. Along with proper keyword research and technical Onpage Search Engine Optimization, Google Maps and Website can generate more impressions, searches, branded (yourself and competitors), leading to more phone calls, website visits, messages and driving directions (if applicable). Coupled with Google Ads local extensions, you can appear as the top result in Maps for your true services and service areas. We regularly have clients appear in the top listings inside Maps organically and paid traffic, winning the lion’s share of traffic across their keywords and true service areas. Google Maps SEO Keyword Rankings
We have, and we can, but respectfully this is the wrong question. If you told your mechanic you want your automobile to go as fast as possible and to disregard safety or longevity, you would be riding around in a ticking time bomb. If you lose sight of the big picture, and attempt to cut corners to rank for that one special “X” keyword, you miss out on actually fully fixing and optimizing for all your true services, service areas and products. Chasing one or a handful of keywords is a Siren’s call, as it lures you closer to the rocks of failure and penalties. Best practice is to build out for every single possible keyword you want to rank for, and as the webmaster team ensure we are 100% technically optimized for search engines and for humans. Then we build out your brand on real websites, and drive quality, targeted traffic through multiple channels, both organic and paid. This results in aggregate a large increase in overall traffic and leads to the website, without “sniping” and focusing on a small number of keywords. We more often than not are able to achieve #1 results, but the main purpose of our relationship is to increase ROI. Our client’s quality leads and sales increase from our services, resulting in more revenues for them. Because we are in a partnership (albeit loose without contracts), we have a vested interest of doing what’s best for our clients near and long term, as our business model is predicated on happy clients who get results and retain us not for 30 days, but 3000. Rank in Google
NJ SEO installs or monitors Google Analytics. We also create Goals within each account to track when a positive action has taken place on the website, also known as a “conversion”. The most common types of conversions we track are PC Form Submissions, Mobile Form Submissions, Mobile Phone Calls, and Driving Directions. This allows us and the client to see what traffic source is converting the highest, along with specifically the path they took on their journey. This is separate reporting from your Google My Business insights. Our reporting shows top cities your searchers are from, how long they spent on the website, what webpages they visited, # of unique visitors, keywords searched, top landing pages, and converting pages based on volume and percentage rate. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are merged into a custom report to show clearly and concisely your website’s overall traffic health, flow and successes. We sync Google Analytics and Google Search Console data, along with optimizations done within each such as country targeting, AMP validation fixes, indexing, sitemaps, technical HTML schema implementation. Google provides amazing products for tracking and reporting, and we put together not only visual beautiful reports, but actionable as well. Google Analytics Google Search Console Reporting
Yes. While it’s true many of the cookie cutter pre-built template websites lack the flexibility of WordPress or a custom CMS, there are still multiple methods and actions to correctly optimize websites. We are experts in WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace, Joomla, Duda, Godaddy and have many large enterprise clients operating on custom Content Management Systems and HTML. The principles remain the same. Optimize on the domain, and webpage level. Provide quality experiences and content to the end user seeking out your goods and services, and communicate this clearly in the language of code (for search robots), and media (text, images, video) for humans. Google SEO Technical Coding
Link Building Service Yes. Our link building campaigns involve around your true service area and target market. If you are a business owner in New Jersey for example, we reach out to website owners, bloggers, influencers through social media contacts, email and phone. We make initial contact and we work closely with them to craft a highly editorial piece of content, which is posted on a quality website. To verify the process, we also ask they share on their social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This is powerful because it shows they are vetted, legitimate, geo-targeted, and a credible 3rd party website not only linking to your website, but actually demonstrating your value proposition and story (which is why your About Us story matters) to their unique audience.  
Google My Business is the hub of online marketing, especially for local and regional businesses. A Google MY Business listing is a verified listing of your business on the web where Google itself will ensure you are a real business by either verifying your address through a hard mailer, or verification through Google Search Console, Phone or Text (if available based on your industry). Inside Google My Business are multiple features and benefits to communicate clearly with potential prospects (generic searches) as well as brand advocates (existing clients and referrals). Google My Business posts offer the opportunity to let Google and humans know all the various webpages on your website, optimized images, titles, descriptions and calls to action. Google My Business photos offer visual opportunity to showcase your team, products, and services in action to help customers know, like and trust to lead to a conversion. Google My Business service areas lets Google know exactly what zip codes, towns, counties and states you are targeting. Rather than a blast radius, best practices rely on specific targeting resulting in higher quality leads in your true core service areas. Google My Business services sections tells Google all the various services you offer, as well as your customers. If you offer 5 main services, with 4 micro services within each section, this can be an opportunity to communicate 20 revenue producing services. By combining Service Area. (towns) and Services, Google can understand explicitly the exact Keyword Phrases you wish to rank and show up for not only in Google Maps and Map Pack, but also organic SEO regular results. Google My Business photos allow business owners to upload photos which are not only keyword rich but also geo-tagged, containing micro meta data about the location including latitude and longitude coordinates. This is critical as photos taken on the phone all contain this data. By optimizing each image on the file name and meta data level each photo is an opportunity not only for humans, but also for search robots. Google My Business reviews is self-explanatory; get more good ones, but you can also intelligently reply to good and bad ones using critical keywords, locations and specific information about your happy customers to ensure people understand its authentic and let search robots know it’s extremely relevant. Google My Business Local Search Engine Optimization
Google Structured Data is how Google views meta data on the backend code of the website and its webpages. Meta data is data about data. This is the opportunity for local businesses to showcase their business information, including location (if applicable), operating hours, name of business, price range, phone number, social media, and even gets as granular as longitude and latitude coordinates. NJ SEO takes all this raw maser file data about your business and translates it into script HTML code, which is then applied sitewide in header (if a 1 location business), or on a webpage level (if a multi-location business) to ensure each location, Google My Business, webpage and generic keywords all synch up accurately and ubiquitously on the web. Clear communication, explicit to remove guesswork for search robots. Local SEO Schema Structured Data Markup Businesses in Google
SEO Title of a webpage is what users see as the main headline before your website appears to prospects. The title has to be both relevant and click worthy. If someone was searching for Family Lawyer Bergen County NJ, and results said Lawyer in Bergen County vs. Family Lawyer Bergen County [25 Years Experience], the 2nd option would have a higher Click Through Rate as it's not only very descriptive for Search Engine Robots, it's also enticing to click on by a human. The combination of words and pages which show up are part of Google's algorithm. The more your webpage can get click on, the better the signal to noise ratio. Now, if you do not deliver on the promise i.e. your webpage is slow, looks unprofessional or unrelated, it will result in a "Bounce" and low time spent on page, which is a terrible signal to Google that your website can receive clicks, but does not fulfill the promise.
With any service relationship, the service would be terminated. Because we engage in above board White Hat SEO tactics, the results we get for our clients remain for months and years as we view proper SEO as an investment. Clients also see value in having NJ SEO manage their IT / Website Maintenance every month. We offer extremely affordable maintenance packages if a client feels growth has flat lined, or in some cases, reached a law of diminishing returns. SEO is such an interesting field because there are always nuanced keywords or traffic sources to optimize and attract. Unless you are in a business with a very low ceiling for growth (only a few towns service area for example), then chances are you will receive ROI every month as the purpose of our relationship is to grow and win even more, not necessarily to protect what you currently have built. Wordpress Updates Plugins Themes
NJ SEO is extremely proud of the work it does every day for its valued clients. Within the very first 30 days of becoming a client you’ll receive a full detailed over the shoulder, detailed explained video report including screenshots of actual work done for your website, SEO, design and online marketing. Each month you’ll receive another email showing you all the new, awesome websites you are listed on, as well as where each story was shared on social media accounts. Best SEO Company You will also receive an email combining a custom interface for the following: Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google My Business (MAPS) into one easy to understand report showing where traffic is coming from, keywords used, actions (Goal Conversion Analytics) taken, total visitors, phone calls, form submissions and other key metrics for your business. Get More Website Traffic

Google Ads PPC

Yes! Google Ads offers the most targeted ad on the internet, literally. Not only can you show up when someone searches based on your exact generic keywords for goods and services, but you can also show specific ads to people in specific locations (cities, counties and state level). While Organic SEO (regular listings and Map Google My Business) are critical, they are limited often by their reach and scalability. Google Ads can be jet fuel for your online marketing and SEO, but it has to be done properly. Our goal at NJ SEO is to get each client to a point where they have the highest chance of success with Google Ads, and we show our sincerity by offering month 1 with $0 management fee to see if you are happy with the results or not before continuing. Google Ads Pay Per Click Management PPC
Yes. Google Ads gives the ability to target specific zip codes, towns, counties, states and countries. While most only utilize the feature of targeting specific service areas, there is also the added option of matching keywords, landing pages, Ad copy AND location. An example: If someone is searching for a dentist and lives in Saddle Brook NJ, you could show an ad which says: Dentist Saddle Brook NJ. Once the user clicks on the ad it can take them to a page all about Dentistry in Saddle Brook NJ. While most DIY and other agencies create 1-20 campaigns, NJ SEO creates hundreds of campaigns, as you can only target on the campaign level within Google Ads, not Ad group. The extra workload of targeting a handful of keywords, to a specific town, and a specific landing page results in industry Click Through Rates (CTR), much higher than the standard 2%. The user experience is also much more indepth as the full searcher life cycle starts and ends with exactly what they were looking for, not an approximation or multi-town, shotgun approach common in most Google Pay Per Click management campaigns we view as waste or at the least, lost opportunity. Google Ads Local Town and County Targeting
Anyone can turn on Google Ads, (and novices can still receive an ROI), but its true power is seen after laying a foundation of technical SEO. 1) Do you have landing pages combining every single Service + Service Area? 2) Is each page optimized for human experience and search robots? 3) Does each page have a strong call to action? 4) Are we lowering our bounce rate and converting at the highest rate possible? Once we address the 4 points above (which is an epic journey in itself - we typically have everything ready within 30-60 days depending on scope of work), we then plan the buildout for Google Ads. Rather than create 1-25 Ads, we are creating literally hundreds of Ads, even for clients with only 1 county Service Areas. Major/minor keywords for each service Sync Google My Business location extensions (shows in Maps too) Write multiple headlines, descriptions Include target leads location in Ad copy Add additional sitelink extensions such as Promotions, About Us, Contact, Call. The industry average Click Through Rate (CTR) percentage is 2%. We are able to achieve 5-10x as many clicks as the competition from ultra-hyper targeting. Advertise on Google
Google Ads clients and reports are typically phase 2 of our SEO and online marketing strategy. Within 30-60 days our goal is to say with confidence, using official Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing tools that our webpages are setup perfectly for search robots and humans (conversion). Because we target on 3 main points: keyword, location, landing page, we are able to create advertisement which speaks not only to their exact needs, but also to their exact location. This is not including the nuances of writing multiple headlines, body text, descriptions and calls to action sitelinks which Google split tests efficiently to determine winners. Once clicked, they (human being on other end of screen) has a wonderful experience, and a greater chance of calling, filling out a form, driving directions or adding to cart than less targeted campaigns. While the industry average for Clicks Per Impressions is 2%, NJ SEO has achieved campaigns as high as 27%. We do not build 1-20 campaigns. We create hundreds, which contain hundreds of ad variations. Google Ads PPC Search Engine Marketing

Web Design & IT

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is the new mobile standard put out by Google in July 2018. Just as everyone scrambled to get a mobile website years ago when smart phones were first introduced, the same "gold rush" of opportunity is available now in Google Mobile AMP. AMP allows us as webmasters to store our entire website on Google's Cloud Server. This is why when it's clicked it's instant versus loading from scratch. It's akin to recalling an easily accessible memory vs learning something new. From a SEO perspective it's amazing because it allows our clients websites to be faster than their competition, which helps humans, which of course is what search engine robots want to see. It forces us as the Mobile Designer to use best practices, a newer, constantly updating technology and keep coding clean. Visual appeal and conversion rate is actually improved as we can implement features which would slow down ordinary mobile websites, but do not impact AMP Mobile speeds at all. AMP Mobile Website Design
WordPress is extremely flexible which offers opportunities and challenges. One of those opportunities is AMP. AMP is the new mobile standard endorsed by Google, known as Accelerated Mobile Pages. This technology essentially strips down bloat, while leaving enough data for the end user to see a visually appealing webpage. The webpage, or entire domain can be cached on Googles own Cloud Server, and recalled instantly, rather than loading the webpage from scratch, which is how regular webpages on the web are loading. Because WordPress has many options, it also has pitfalls. It's easy to accumulate bloated plugins, outdated themes, redundant coding. AMP is akin to a silver-bullet, where it can remedy nearly any WordPress theme issue, whether it's a slow page builder based front end theme, or a heavily customized PC/Desktop based website, AMP mobile typically ranks in the green (90-100), even for websites which started as low as a 4 out of 100 to start.
Fast WordPress Website Speed

responsive design sketch Inspirational 7 Tips to Speed Up Responsive Websites SpyreStudios

Yes. Google rankings is based on a principle of best practices and industry standards. One of these standards is clean backend code, and extremely fast loading webpages. While AMP itself is not considered a ranking factor in a vacuum, it does lead to an amazing end user experience (the human being on other end of their device), which is the holy grail of online marketing. Because the web is going more dynamic and mobile-first indexing, Accelerated Mobile Pages is critical to leveraging the fastest loading cached webpages possible. It also helps webmasters identify problem webpages through Google Search Console; Warnings, Errors, and Green (perfect implementation). Local Google Maps Rankings A Slot
Yes. Conversion is based on flow and human experience. Faster websites are proven to convert higher across lead generation and ecommerce point of sale webpages. AMP webpages offer the unique ability to aesthetically appeal to the end user (human), while also loading faster than other mobile based coded technologies. As a Google backed initiative, AMP is a project rooted in making the web faster, more streamlined and creating an industry best practice as more than 50% of website traffic is now mobile. The results are near instantaneous through search, resulting in searching, clicking, consuming content/media, filling out forms, or following calls to action such as phone calls and adding to cart a much smoother process resulting in increased leads, sales and revenue. Google AMP Conversion Rate
Yes! A website is more akin to a living, breathing organism than a static billboard. Some platforms do not require as many updates, but others such as WordPress are very robust, and offer many opportunities for updated themes, plugins and best practices. We install over $1200 worth of paid plugins for our WordPress clients to enhance Speed, Security, and SEO. As an SEO company we have access to unlimited license enterprise solutions. You will also receive a separate email every month detailing all the website maintenance, IT, and AMP (if applicable) updates to your website so you can clearly see your website is fully updated, secure, fast, and technically sound. This allows you to never have to worry about the website again. Even though your host may take backups, we also take additional backups to ensure proper redundancy and peace of mind for our clients. Website Hosting and IT Support

Pre-Sales Questions

First, we are very grateful for industry titans such as Google, Bing, Facebook and Youtube for increasing complexity and technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing. This has raised the barrier to entry, demanding deeper skillsets to achieve fantastic results. Novices have been marginalized, and rightfully so, as those who live, sleep and breathe SEO, web design and internet marketing are rewarded. While we respect and value our clients, our founder, Matt Anton has a no-nonsense approach (doesn’t every person born and raised in New Jersey?); this means candid conversations, accountability on both sides, and results, not excuses. SEO is a beautiful, technical field, birthed from necessity of the paradigm shift of advertising dollars shifted into a digital world. We view our work as important, valuable and necessary for those who seek to compete in a local or national arena against their competition. As a marketing agency we have no products or goods of our own, which is an odd concept; NJ SEO clients are our products, so we choose them carefully, and once committed, they are our vehicle for growth, and we can only achieve this end result if we help our clients business grow. White Hat SEO Company
We would love to help everyone who contacts us, but reality is we don’t want to hedge our bets; for this reason, we do not work with competitors, and turn away potential clients each day. As long as your business is cash flow positive, and can afford to invest in their success, both near and long term, chances are you are a good fit. However, NJ SEO refuses to work with a conflict of interest. This means, if your competitor is a client of ours, we will not be able to work together. In this instance we could refer you to another agency who can help. Although not limited we have clients in many sectors such as: Doctors, Lawyers, Plumbers, Contractors, Ecommerce, Laundromats, Dance Studios, Chiropractors, Financial Advisors, Countertops, Health & Beauty, Local Municipalities, Therapists, Medical, Realtors, and hundreds of others. Each client is an opportunity for us to take a DEEP dive into the client’s unique situation, service area, services, and create a detailed plan of attack Clients
We are growing rapidly in New Jersey, and most of our clients are not all strictly "SEO" in terms of organic SEO. As a full-service digital marketing agency, NJ SEO serves both single location business, multi-location, and national clientele. In fact, one of our fastest growing segments is Google Ads PPC Management, Website IT / Maintenance and AMP Mobile. This is because Google Ads is scalable when done properly, and websites which are cutting edge (Including AMP Mobile) need to be updated every month to not only stay lighting fast, secure, but technically updated for best practices. Cookie cutter prebuilt websites are great to get started, but it's a double-edged sword. They are inherently basic limiting skill cap required, along with the dichotomy of limited opportunity. Some of our valued clients include: Allcure Spine & Sports Medicine Frontier Tree & Turf, Soccer Centers, Premier Surfaces, Jeter Mountain Farm, The Sellers Law Firm. We've been given video testimonials by: Sean Wheeler (Heartbreak Hypnotist) Jody L. Sellers (The Sellers Law Firm) Local and National Search Engine Optimization
Yes! As a service provider, our #1 reason for existence is to help you grow your business. Often times SEO companies sell hype, but lack substance. NJ SEO has the approach of actionable, transparent reporting and results. Whether consultation, or retaining our agency, we have received rave reviews from local and national businesses, owners and directors of marketing. NJ SEO Client Testimonial and Reviews
Nothing lives in a vacuum. Just as you cannot make your stomach “flat” without overall health, you cannot generate website traffic and leads without implementing fundamental technical Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Optimization. Anyone can take the approach of blindly spamming a website, or sending traffic (paid, social, referral), but only if a website is built to actually receive more phone calls, form submissions, add to cart, driving directions, etc, will it. It’s extremely simple, yet escapes many websites today. A website needs to be an asset which not only communicates your value proposition, but is structured to rank for, AND convert that traffic. If you want to become the next Wikipedia that is fine, however most businesses can only help someone through ACTION. A poor experience on mobile or PC will never be remedied by more website traffic. First step is to fix the conversion rate process on PC / Regular Desktop Computers and Mobile / Tablet / Smartphones. Once solved the fun of growth can begin, where it’s now just a matter of sending traffic – targeted traffic. People who are searching for your specific keywords and subsets of keywords and who actually live within your target market (City Level) or if National identifying hyper relevancy and casting the widest net allowed, but no wider. While website traffic, organic and paid Search Engine Marketing traffic via Google and Bing is the purpose of doing proper SEO, it still only matters what you are able to convert. This is why companies who have a thriving business in the real world stomp out the competition more on the internet, as there is a multiplier effect amongst organic traffic, paid PPC, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and Youtube, and direct. While we would all love to throw up a 1 page website with a lead generation form or Add to cart button, it’s not fair to the human on the other end of the screen. You would not feel comfortable going through the marketing/sales funnel in a company with little to no reviews, or systems in place to ensure consistency. The magic happens when all pieces to the puzzle align, and SEO can see a 20x return for companies committed to excellence in all phases of business, let alone online marketing. Increase Website Traffic Phone Calls and Leads
Open Communication. Either email, call, or fill out our client request form. We will look over your website, SEO and online marketing. NJ SEO will then follow up via email or phone to discuss goals and client options. Marketing Agency