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Mental Health Therapist Website Design

Mental Health Therapy Sales & Marketing

Ray of Hope Counseling Services provides Mental Health Therapy in GA.

Client’s Website: https://rhcounselingservices.com

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How We Drove New Business to Ray of Hope Counseling



Step 1: New Mobile Standard: AMP Web Design


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Mobile Marketing Family Counselours


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Search Engine Optimization Family Therapists


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Step 2: Google Structured Data


SEO for Therapists


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Step 3: Content Optimization and Creation


Search Engine Marketing Child Therapist
Content Marketing Mental Health Organization

Keywords: DEEP Research


Sources: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Insights (MAPS), SEMrush (competitors)

Top SEO Keywords for Counseling Practictioners

Each Service was combined with Service Area to combine and get true Keyword Phrases (ROI producing searches). Whether local or national provider, doing deep keyword research is imperative to 1) understanding what is working for you already 2) see gaps between yourself and competitors 3) close the gaps, and do more of what works, i.e. do not reinvent the wheel.


Step 4: Google My Business


Google Advertising Mental Health Facility
Google Traffic Mental Health Services


Step 5: Public Relations & Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing & Public Relations for Therapists
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Step 6: Google Ads Targeting


Google Ads Therapist Pay Per Click


Summary: Mental Health Therapists Marketing


973% Traffic Increase translates to helping more people, which is the ultimate goal of all therapists; provide guidance, perspective, hope and solutions to those in need. The old website was slow and had security loopholes (both in plugins, and server). They were patched and resolved. Each location offered us an opportunity as marketers and SEO experts to reach their exact target market. Each time someone performed a search for help (which is brave), they would see Ray of Hope Counseling Services (if they lived near their facilities). This is by design as we hyper targeted services and service areas to blanket true core competencies. With a faster NEW Google AMP Mobile version of the website, they are receiving hundreds of mobile call leads each month and form submissions. The company is growing rapidly, and they are treating their patients with respect and dignity. Google Ads is difficult to obtain return on investment in some industries, which is true for mental health counselors, but because we setup all other technical Search Enginen Optimization steps correctly, we put ourselves in a unique position where we could advertise and earn clients without losing money on the initial acquiring of a client (as client’s tend to have lifecyles of months if not years, and are valuable to each therapist who can secure them. If you are a therapist or work for a therapy company and want the fastest mobile website, most beautiful, and technically setup to attract traffic in Google organic search results and paid Google Ads, fill out our form to see if you are a good candidate and qualify for our services.