153% Increase Google Maps & Search Traffic in 90 days

Moving Company Website Design

Moving Company Sales & Marketing

ATL Peach Movers is a moving company in GA. They have over 300 5 star reviews and dozens of awards.

Client’s Website: https://atlpeachmovers.com

Moving Company Google Maps Traffic

How We Drove New Business to ATL Peach Movers

Step 1: New Mobile Standard: AMP Web Design

Moving Business Website Design
Mobile Website Desing for Moving Companies

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Mobile Marketing and Advertising for Movers

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Step 2: Google Structured Data

Moving Company Search Engine Optimization

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Step 3: Content Optimization and Creation

Movers Search Engine Marketing
Moving Company SEO Content Keywords
Content Creation

Keywords: DEEP Research

Sources: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Insights (MAPS), SEMrush (competitors)

Top SEO Keywords for Moving Companies Online

Each Service was combined with Service Area to combine and get true Keyword Phrases (ROI producing searches). Whether local or national provider, doing deep keyword research is imperative to 1) understanding what is working for you already 2) see gaps between yourself and competitors 3) close the gaps, and do more of what works, i.e. do not reinvent the wheel.

Step 4: Google My Business

Moving Company Marketing
Moving Company Lead Generation

Step 5: Public Relations & Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing and Public Relations Moving Companies
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Step 6: Google Ads Targeting

Google Ads Pay Per Click Movers

Summary: Moving Company Marketing

153% Traffic Increase within 90 days. This represents the biggest increase for this moving company in the last year. Not only is traffic up, but so is conversions (mobile phone call leads and contact form submissions through the website). Calls directly through Google My Business (Maps) are also up. The website looked beautiful when ATL Peach Movers first contacted us, but it was slow according to Google, was not using the NEW Mobile standard AMP web design technology, and did not have advanced technical code on backend (according to Google), known as structured data. We added content to dozens of pages, optimized headings, text, keywords, and the end result has been positive Return On Investment. Every dollar invested into their online marketing has yielded a net gain. Their vans and moving trucks are busier than ever, and their crews are happy and booked up in advance. Most moving companies will make the mistake of attempting to increase traffic, without fixing all their visual and technical issues first. This leads to negative returns, or bare bones performance. By taking a holistic approach to internet marketing, we will enhance your current website, or build you a faster website, beautiful with strong calls to action, more SEO ready, and dominate for growth with paid ads once ready. Give us a call if you are a moving company looking for advertising and marketing online to increase website traffic, Google keyword rankings, SEO, PPC, and leads.