139% Google Maps Search Traffic Increase

Printer & Copier Sales Marketing

Ameritechnology is a licensed, authorized dealer for Printers, Copiers, Fax Machines and Scanners, serving New Jersey.

Client’s Website: https://atechnj.com

Printer Marketing

How We Drove New Business to Ameritechnology

Step 1: New Mobile Standard: AMP Web Design

Ameritechnology Google AMP Pagespeed

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Step 2: Google Structured Data

Printer Search Marketing

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Step 3: Content Optimization and Creation

Keywords: DEEP Research

Sources: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Insights (MAPS), SEMrush (competitors)

Each Service was combined with Service Area to combine and get true Keyword Phrases (ROI producing searches). Whether local or national provider, doing deep keyword research is imperative to 1) understanding what is working for you already 2) see gaps between yourself and competitors 3) close the gaps, and do more of what works, i.e. do not reinvent the wheel.

Step 4: Google My Business

Step 5: Public Relations & Social Media Marketing

Public Relations Story Real Website: Click Here

Step 6: Google Ads Targeting

Summary: IT Network Office Equipment Marketing

139% growth in 60 days is not luck. Office Equipment, Printers, Scanners and Fax Machines are not easy sales, therefore you need to get in front of as many potential buyers as possible. This is why advertising and marketing is mission critical to securing your next sales contract. Ameritechnology went from having a slow website (in the eyes of Google), to a super fast Mobile experience which is faster, more beautiful, compelling (phone calls and leads), and technically superior than the competition. Whether you rent, sell, or work in the IT / Office Equipment industry you deserve a website which is professional, lightning fast, and positive asset for your company.