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Paver Restoration is a paver sealing, cleaning and repair company in GA.

Client’s Website: http://bit.ly/2TSX9wX

Paver Sealing Google Maps Traffic



How We Drove New Business to Paver Restoration



Step 1: New Mobile Standard: AMP Web Design


Paver Internet Marketing
Paver Company WordPress Website


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Website Design for Paver Companies


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Step 2: Google Structured Data


Paver Search Engine Optimization


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Step 3: Content Optimization and Creation


Search Engine Marketing Pavers
Paver Advertising

Keywords: DEEP Research


Sources: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Insights (MAPS), SEMrush (competitors)

Top Paver SEO Keywords

Each Service was combined with Service Area to combine and get true Keyword Phrases (ROI producing searches). Whether local or national provider, doing deep keyword research is imperative to 1) understanding what is working for you already 2) see gaps between yourself and competitors 3) close the gaps, and do more of what works, i.e. do not reinvent the wheel.


Step 4: Google My Business


Google Ads for Paving Company
Get New Paver Clients


Step 5: Public Relations & Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing & Public Relations Paver Company
REAL website: Click HERE


Step 6: Google Ads Targeting


Paver Google Ads Pay Per Click


Summary: Paver Company Marketing Service


500% Traffic Increase within 6 months. Matt runs an amazing Paver Restoration company. He had reviews, a good looking website, but it was not showing up for core generic searches such as Paver Cleaning, Paver Sealing, Paver Repair for his major service areas. By getting his website on the NEW Google AMP Mobile standard technology we dramatically improved speed, conversions (phone calls), contact forms (both regular Desktop, Tablet and Mobile). More importantly, it was optimized very well in the eyes of Google for advanced technical code on backend of the website (HTML); we also installed $1200 worth of paid premium plugins, followed by heavy customizations. The end result is a website superior in all categories. Visually, technically, and revenue producing (a positive asset, not a liability). If you run a Paver business and are interested in having someone take care of you properly for all your marketing and advertising needs to get new leads, sales and clients, fill out our consultation request form and we’ll be in touch shortly if you are a good candidate.