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East Point Foundry is a Bronze plaque maker in ATL. They are one of the few remaining foundries in America and their own clients include: United States Army, New Jersey Tech, Alabama University.

Client’s Website: https://eastpointfoundry.com

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How We Drove New Business to East Point Foundry



Step 1: New Mobile Standard: AMP Web Design


Mobile Website Award Plaques
Web Design for Metal Plaques


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Step 2: Google Structured Data


Search Engine Optimization Plaque Company


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Step 3: Content Optimization and Creation


Search Engine Marketing Bronze Plaques
Content Marketing Plaques

Keywords: DEEP Research


Sources: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Insights (MAPS), SEMrush (competitors)

Top SEO Keywords for Casting Companies

Each Service was combined with Service Area to combine and get true Keyword Phrases (ROI producing searches). Whether local or national provider, doing deep keyword research is imperative to 1) understanding what is working for you already 2) see gaps between yourself and competitors 3) close the gaps, and do more of what works, i.e. do not reinvent the wheel.


Step 4: Google My Business


Award Company Marketing
Foundry and Casting Internet SEO


Step 5: Public Relations & Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing & Public Relations for Foundries
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Step 6: Google Ads Targeting


Google Ads Pay Per Click Foundries Casting Company Metal Plaques


Summary: Foundry, Cast Metal Plaque Marketing Company


48% Traffic Increase translates to more quality leads and sales. More importantly, the old website, was receiving traffic but not converting at the rate the current one is, both on regular Desktop, and now using the NEW Google AMP Mobile Standard version. If you search in Google for their website (be sure to search first, so you can see true power of this technology), and then click on East Point Foundry, you’ll notice it loads instantly because all the website’s files, images, database is stored in GOOGLE’s OWN CLOUD SERVER! It’s such an amazing piece of technology which everyone is excited for and wants for themselves once they see it in action. We’ve increased mobile calls, and their big ticket sales items allowed this plaques company to become ROI positive in only 2 months. With amazing landing pages, and well optimized Search Engine Optimization text, it’s quality experiences for both humans and search robots. If you are interested in growing your Award, Nameplate, Plaques, Casting Metal company or Plaques business, fill out our consultation request form to see if you qualify as a good candidate for high end SEO and online marketing.