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    What we do
    An expertly balanced cocktail of innovation, strategy, and results. Let’s toast to leading the conversation.

    Public Relations
    As a leading Allentown public relations firm, NJ SEO has built its reputation on consistent innovation, effective strategy, and lasting results. Leveraging close working relationships within its home and national media markets, the agency is known for game-changing campaigns that position clients at the top of their industry.

    Whether talking grassroots efforts, guerilla strategies, or its proprietary millennial marketing techniques, NJ SEO was made to deliver a fresh and researched perspective on an industry that’s constantly evolving. The agency’s skilled media team utilizes all spokes of the marketing umbrella to ensure maximum impact and measurable results.

    Social Media Management
    As a top public relations agency in Allentown, we develop strong and integrated social media strategies for clients in many industries. We help our clients unite their brands with social media buzz, creating meaningful connections with their desired audiences.

    Our Approach
    NJ SEO, we are redefining the “full service agency” concept. Just like our clients, which range from Fortune 500 companies to up-and-coming brands, our services are also diverse. Moving beyond the realm of traditional public relations and marketing tactics, we dare to go where most PR agencies won’t: creative strategy, branding, video production, social media management, guerilla efforts, and even some advertising. Yes, we land tons of press, regularly book broadcast, and generate massive media buzz for our clients—it’s our passion—but we’re also overachievers, which means we can’t stop there. Our experience is vast.

    We are storytellers, strategists, intellectuals, communicators, techies, visionaries, and pop-culture fanatics. We are the millennial marketers, the multitask-ers, the antithesis of the one trick pony. In fact, in the ten minutes it took to write this blurb, we’ve booked a national broadcast segment, wrote a commercial script, designed a press reel, pitched several journalists, held a brainstorm sesh, media trained a client, and washed it all down with a freshly brewed cup of joe.