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🏆 Are You Winning or Losing Online?

✅ Reality Checklist:

  • 🔍 Are you Ranking for All your Services and Service Areas (Keywords)?

  • ⚡ Is Your Website Faster Than Your Competitor's?

  • 📱 Are You Converting Traffic into Real Phone Call Leads, Forms and Sales?

  • 💰 Is Your Website an Asset or a Liability?

Let's Face It, You Are NOT Happy

You wouldn't be here if you were actually being taken care of properly. Is it my fault I stopped by Wendy's AFTER eating at a restaurant which was supposed to be "good"? No, I was still hungry, and so are you...

There are 3 common scenarios, and you fall under ONE of them:

  • You aren't doing your part in real life to be successful, which is why virtual reality is lacking and can never be "fixed" by me or any agency.

  • You are doing what you need to do in real life to be successful, and your SEO / marketing agency is NOT doing their job.

  • You are successful in real life, do not have a professional on your team, and ready to get to the next level.

What Can You Expect From Your Assessment?

Brutal Honesty: We only tip-toe around peoples' feelings we care about, and since I do not know you, nor engage in any business with you yet, I am free to be as ruthless and objective as possible. The crappier and messed up your online marketing, the more I enjoy pointing out your flaws. I have empathy, but also know you must realize what is wrong before you will ever want to fix it or take steps to fix it. You don't know what you don't know.


Actionable Items: Theory is best for philosophers. There are reasons you are not winning online, and by understanding exactly what is wrong, only then can we identify how to move forward. The Emperor has no clothes, and your website needs to be stripped naked, before knowing the path to success.

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