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    SEO -- Search Engine Optimization -- is a long-term effort to establish a flow of inexpensive, targeted traffic to your website(s). NJ SEO understands that on-page SEO needs to be part of the process from the earliest stages of site design, and we drive toward a long-term off-page SEO strategy to keep your traffic growing and growing.

    SEO-Focused Site Design
    Lighting-Fast Load Times
    Google-Approved Information Hierarchy
    Spider-friendly Code
    Embedded Metadata
    Keyword-Rich Content
    Blog/Owned-Channel Content Production
    Social Media Presence
    Outreach/Content Marketing
    Video, Image, Audio, and App Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The Advertising Edge Your Business Needs
    It doesn’t matter how awesome your product or service is if no one is asking for it — and if it really is as awesome as you think, the only reason no one is asking is because no one knows about it.

    Any modern business that relies on pamphlets, Little League backdrops, and the occasional local newspaper ad is a wasting vast quantity of money. Those kinds of advertising are effectively spamming: hitting as many targets as you can in the hopes that some tiny percentage of them will respond.

    Any SEO company will tell you: If you want the best customer-per-dollar ROI you can get, you need advertising that is targeted, not spammy.

    How do you target ads? By finding places where people have already proven their interest in your product. The single best source of those people is search engines. After all, people don’t search for ‘your product here’ unless they’re at least wondering if your product is appropriate for them.

    For the fortunate businesses in need of SEO, Brick Township-based NJ SEO can find those customers and guide them to your website.

    We’re not like our competition.
    That’s because NJ SEO doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all SEO solution. The fact of the matter is that every keyword has a different amount of competition and a different amount of traffic. There’s no intelligent way to offer someone “X keywords” worth of SEO unless you know from the outset that your link building service is going to deliberately focus on crappy keywords.

    At NJ SEO, we start with a review of your website, your industry,
    and the keywords that we believe we can reign in under your control
    — then we discuss how much that would be worth to you and figure out a plan that will maximize your ROI.

    Speaking of Your ROI
    Most SEO firms won’t really mention your ROI once their process is started — because they’re not really game to try to explain what they’re doing to earn your money. NJ SEO isn’t that company. Work with us, and we’ll send you a monthly report detailing exactly what we did to improve your ranking in the SERPs, and what the results were. We’re completely transparent because our focus is where your is: on your bottom line.

    It’s not magic — it’s not unique to anyone — it’s a simple, repeatable formula that works every single time if it’s done right. NJ SEO does it right.

    a lot of people ask themselves:

    What Is Great SEO?

    configuring every page so search engines make easy sense of what they see

    designing an excellent user experience including short load times

    targeting a good mix of short- and long-tail keywords to drive traffic

    establishing an ongoing content marketing plan

    regularly testing results and making constant small improvements