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    What is SEO?
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    SEO – search engine optimization – is an SEM method that helps your website rank higher (appear sooner) on search results without the use of ads, meaning it increases your organic search rankings and traffic.

    SEO increases your website’s search result rankings and visibility with various search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are various tasks that need to be done to a website to achieve this goal. It’s not just adding keywords, it’s also adding HTML tags, fixing site errors, backlinking, creating valuable content, and knowing what search engine ‘bots’ are looking for when ‘crawling’ (examining) a website. And it doesn’t stop there.

    Informative and Relevant Content
    Google has changed the way it looks at websites over the years. Today, high-quality, informative and relevant content is favored more than ever. It’s not going to benefit you to just drop in a bunch of keywords and surround them with meaningless adjectives. Your website content needs to be useful to your target audience. They need to feel like they learned something from your website in your area of expertise. As a result, Google will view your website (and you) as an authority on the issue and people will become more engaged on your website. This helps increase your search result rankings and also makes you look impressive to your website visitors.

    We also offer SEO content writing!

    Our team of SEO experts do extensive keyword research so your website can gain organic (meaning free, not paid) measurable increase in search result rankings. We target keywords that make sense for your product and service, even your location, and custom tailor each page on your website for top notch performance. Keywords are placed in proper HTML tags that are guaranteed to perform better than those that aren’t properly coded. We provide easy to understand reports on each keyword that we target for your business, including local keyword reports for your target area.

    Backlinks (also call inbound links) are links to your website from other websites. Many Internet marketing companies that offer SEO make the mistake of mass producing backlinks on low-quality sites and, in turn, their clients’ websites are penalized for this and visibility is drastically decreased in search results. We ONLY backlink from high-quality websites with high domain authority that are relevant to your business. We do not use automated backlink generators or link exchange sites (these will negatively impact your website). We backlink manually so we can be sure that your website is only being linked from the best websites and your website is rewarded, not penalized.

    Website Errors
    You may be thinking to yourself, “My website doesn’t have any errors, all the pages show up fine.” Are you sure about that? Bots can detect errors that are not visible to you or your website visitors and will penalize you for these errors. We do in-depth analysis of all errors that may be on your website. These may include coding errors, page not found (404) errors, temporary (302) redirects, broken links, missing meta tags, etc.