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Today’s consumers turn to search engines to learn about you and your competition. A good SEO strategy improves your visibility on search engine results pages - so when customers are ready to buy, you’ll be easy to find!

Search engines are a convenient way for consumers to learn about the products and services they’re looking for. Brands appearing on the first page of organic results – especially those at or near the top – tend to get more clicks.

At NJ SEO, we optimize your website so that search engines will find you, prioritize you on their results pages and will look at the user’s experience. This means more clicks for a greater opportunity to win new customers.

Make it easy for search engines to find your web pages
Improve your performance on search engine results pages
Generate more clicks from interested consumers
Optimizing your website for search engines and consumers is a cost effective way to connect with new customers and achieve your digital marketing goals.
Increase Web Traffic
Consumers favor websites appearing on the first page of search results – especially those near the top. When your web pages are optimized with the consumer in mind, you’ll get more clicks and more new customers.
Higher Brand Credibility
A solid SEO strategy improves your credibility with top search engines – and the more credibility you earn, the higher up the list you’ll appear on search results pages – making it easier for your top prospects to find you.

Lower Cost & Better ROI
Effective optimization improves your website’s relevance, credibility, and popularity with search engines. At NJ SEO, we’ll help you boost your position on organic search results pages and reduce the cost of each new customer you acquire.

Competitive Advantage
The higher up the list you appear on search results pages, the more people will click on you over your competitors. A good SEO strategy makes it easier for prospects to find you, and helps you earn more business.

Guided by a wealth of data, NJ SEO will optimize your website for improved search engine performance, while keeping the user in mind – so your best prospects will find you when they search for relevant keywords.

Website Auditing
We monitor your website for two weeks to gauge your SEO needs. This research guides our strategy to fully optimize your website.

Competitive Analysis
Researching your competitors’ search rankings and other sites linking back to them helps us create a plan to improve your search results.

Keyword Research & Integration
We help search engines find you by investigating your existing web pages, then integrating new keywords into your web copy and backend of your site.

Website Monitoring & Monthly Reporting
We monitor your search rankings, record websites linking back to yours, and investigate your web pages for keywords your clients and search engines use.

Content Writing
We write content for webpages and blog posts to make sure your website never appears stale or out of touch with your industry.

External Link Building
External links indicate your authority, relevancy, and popularity to search engines. By helping you earn high-quality links, we’ll strengthen your organic search results.