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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    From Keyword Research to Implementation
    We can remove the snake oil and fear from search engine optimization.

    Our team understands how to best optimize a website for search engines from the source code to the copy.

    SEO Site Plans - Let's Optimize Your Web Presence
    Everyone on the NJ SEO team is aware of the foundational importance of SEO in an effective web presence, and it is reflected in all of our work.

    Our website optimization process starts with in-depth keyword research to discover the most relevant search keywords. We then use those keywords to build an on-page strategy to optimize every key page for relevant terms. We also help with SEO meta data recommendations and editing website copy, ensuring that search engines can clearly determine the topic of each key page on your site, and users will find your pages when making relevant queries.

    In our website planning and development process, keyword research and SEO best practices help guide our site architecture decisions and development methodologies.

    Check out our 5 On-Page Factors for SEO. We walk through every page element you can optimize for great search engine performance.

    Our Cape May SEO Clients

    Content Marketing, Outreach, and PR
    After establishing a solid baseline optimization on your website, our team can help increase your domain authority and search relevance through content marketing, outreach, and PR. Our marketing team will help build creative campaigns designed to attract positive attention, build community, increase social shares, and earn backlinks.

    Our team will also work with you to complete backlink analysis and identify legitimate opportunities for outreach and PR promotion to increase the breadth and quality of the backlinks pointing to your domain.

    Local SEO
    If you run a geographically targeted business, an active and optimized local SEO strategy could be your most important and valuable marketing asset. NJ SEO has local SEO experts on staff, ready to help you take control of and optimize your local business listings.

    Detailed SEO Audits & Technical SEO
    Are you interested in getting a baseline report that includes current SEO performance, and overall recommendations for improvement? We would love to help. For our SEO audits, we parse through a list of on-page and off-page SEO elements, scoring and offering notes on each item. The result is a strategic list of tactical changes that can improve your organic traffic numbers.

    Do you want to try your own 10-minute SEO audit? It's easy!
    Some folks are intimidated by SEO, and we would like to help you realize that it's relatively easy to make some small changes that will yield big results. Our long-time Digital Strategist, Kevin Udy, wrote a blog post that can guide you through the process.