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    NJ SEO

    We’re a web design company located near Clinton, New Jersey, specializing in web design, web development, mobile apps, SEO, digital marketing and swimming pigs.

    A Full Stack of Digital Marketing and Website Services

    NJ SEO has got your back when it comes to website design and other web services. We can build it, optimize it, make it mobile-friendly and guide it down the path of affluence. From routine search engine optimization reporting to mobile app development, we truly do it all.

    Need consulting regarding which marketing channels you should go after? Want to make a ton of money using Shopify? Concerned with how you look in those pants? Our team covers all the bases so you can simply and confidently sit back, relax and watch your site perform beautifully – on screens of all shapes and sizes.

    (Oh, and those pants are fabulous, by the way.)


    If done correctly, a website can be optimized to appeal to both your target audience and top search engines – we’re talkin’ Google, Bing, etc. This means your website will appear at the top of the search list, resulting in more eCommerce transactions, a bunch of new business leads and even a loss of a few pounds from your waistline! Trust us. We’re SEO experts.

    Comprehensive SEO Services & Digital Marketing Consulting

    Ah, SEO. The joy of weaving phrases like “SEO Clinton” into readable web copy (see what we did there?). Search engine optimization is like grabbing a greased squid while wearing boxing gloves, but we just happen to have highly skilled boxing glove clad squid grabbers. Hit us up for some pretty amazing success stories, and you’ll see EXACTLY what we mean.

    Our Motivation

    Your web site can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line – a well-designed site can generate a huge buzz. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. As much as we love to get compliments about our website designs (they ARE quite nice), what really gets us fired up is hearing how much additional business those sites are generating. THAT is our motivation, and it’s something overlooked by many other web development firms.

    We don’t just build a site and hand it over. No, we take it upon ourselves to work with you, directly, to make sure you get all the benefits the web has to offer. That’s just how we roll.

    Not quite sure exactly what you need? Maybe you want it all! Regardless, if you’ve got additional questions or just want to talk about that recent sports game that was totally awesome, you can reach us at any time!