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    Why You Should Hire A SEO Company

    SEO is confusing... what works and what doesn't work? It’s so easy to make deadly mistakes that will drown your website. SEO strategies and plans that worked yesterday might not work today. Getting real results is something you can only do with experience and know exactly how things work.

    We have been helping businesses and professionals get more customers/clients by ranking websites and videos to the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and other major search engines for highly competitive keyword terms. As Google is constantly changing algorithms to make difficult to rank, we are continuously educating ourselves and testing our new SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies on our own websites. Then, we apply the proven SEO strategies to our clients’ websites.

    Our SEO Results Speak for Themselves

    Here are some of our client websites ranking on the 1st page of Google.

    Our SEO Services

    This is what we are going to do:
    Website Analysis

    We’ll audit your website and suggest any changes to make on your website.
    Keyword Research

    We will research and suggest you the best target keyword terms which are usually 5 to 10 most searched keyword terms on Google.
    Search Engine Optimization

    We’ll search engine optimize your website and video for first page rankings on Google and YouTube with our Secret Sauce.
    YouTube Video Marketing

    We’ll upload your video on YouTube and on-page optimize it. Your phone number on the title and a link directing to your website.
    Monthly Reports

    We will track your website rankings on Google daily basis for all target keyword terms and send you a report every month.
    No Setup Fee. No Term Commitment.

    Our SEO service is month-to-month. If we don’t deliver the results, you can fire us at any time!

    What is SEO?

    You've probably heard of Search Engine Optimization and roughly know what it is. SEO is about applying certain techniques to help a website get found by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The primary aim is to get your site to appear on the very first page of results in a search engine when a particular keyword term is typed in.

    SEO is presenting a website in a way search engine like Google can read more easily. Cranford SEO services are to distribute the content around web and link back to your website. Search engine sees this as endorsements. People rate websites how relevant the page is to their quarry. Search engine judges how many times people link to the website and calculate the more people who make, the high quality the website must be.