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    Search Engine Optimization
    Why is SEO important?
    You can have the best-looking website on the planet, but if it’s on page 4 of Google, no one will see it. If you want people browsing the Internet to find your site easily, you need to develop a strategy that will put your website on page 1. We can make this happen with SEO.

    SEO makes your site easier to be “found” by search engines like Google. At NJ SEO, we use sophisticated strategies in the way we develop your content that caters to Google’s search algorithms. We capitalize on their search formulas to maximize your website’s search engine visibility.

    How does it work?
    At NJ SEO, we have our writers target keywords in the content they generate. Here’s an example: If you ran a bakery in Delran Township, we would write our content in a way that highlights “Delran Township bakery” (and other key phrases) to Google. Then we would reinforce these phrases’ prominence through the proper coding of your website. Lastly, we would drive traffic to your website through:

    Facebook pages
    Twitter feeds
    YouTube channels
    Other marketing avenues (TV commercials, billboards, Pandora, etc..)

    How do we know SEO works?
    You want proof if you’re going to invest in this SEO stuff. We understand—We do too! Generally, there are two ways we’ve seen SEO work for our clients:

    You get more business.
    Google Analytics.

    Even if you don’t believe the word-of-mouth about SEO, Google Analytics allows us to literally track the traffic your website gets. We install Google Analytics on every site we create. This allows us to send you monthly updates about how many people are clicking on your pages so that you can track how visible your site is in a concrete way.