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    What to Know About SEO
    SEO is important.
    Imagine getting leads every month just from having your website active. It’s like a salesperson that works for you at all times. No matter your industry, there are SEO opportunities available.

    Dollar-for-Dollar SEO is one of the best marketing investments.
    Unlike paid advertising, SEO keeps building as you grow your business. As you rank higher for important keywords, you gain more traffic for the same amount of money. In the long run it’s usually a fraction of the cost of traditional pay-per-click advertising.

    Why Work with NJ SEO?
    We’ve worked with many companies to improve their SEO. One recently worked with a company to grow their website traffic 280% in just four months! Although results will vary, SEO and a solid content strategy can help make major improvements to your traffic.

    Simply put, SEO may be the best marketing investment you make.
    Why is SEO important?
    People are searching the web for solutions to their products. They are looking for what you have to offer. If you’re not showing up in the search results, you’re missing opportunities to grow your business. If your website isn’t showing up, it’s like a salesman that isn’t making sales calls – it’s not providing value!

    Good SEO helps you rank for key terms so you can grow your business organically. New customers will discover you and old customers can find you easier if you have good SEO.

    How much does SEO cost?
    SEO costs depend on the industry, the level of engagement, and the competition we need to displace. Generally, we bill SEO on a monthly retainer. It takes time for SEO to get results (it’s not something that works overnight). Our rates generally run $-$ a month depending on your unique needs. We’re always happy to provide a free quote so you know exactly what to expect.

    What kind of return will I get?
    This is another question that largely depends on your industry, the level of engagement, and the competition in your industry. However, as a rule, good SEO provides one of the highest returns of any marketing channel in the long-run. SEO services have been known to give a 20x return on investment for many large organizations.

    What makes SEO better than paid advertising?
    There can be room for both in your marketing strategy. SEO generally provides a greater return in the long run, but it takes time to be successful. Traditional paid advertising costs more per customer, but it can be turned on and off instantly.

    When should I choose SEO over paid advertising?
    If you need customers right now in order to keep your business going, SEO isn’t a good strategy. Traditional PPC is a much better option. However, if you want to invest in your business for the long run, SEO is a great option. The month you invest today will likely pay off for years to come.