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    SEO Services and Local SEO Services Since Before Google!
    That's right, we have been performing SEO services and Local SEO services since before Google even existed! And even before the term SEO services was even known!

    Without a doubt, SEO has matured and changed over the years, sometimes requiring drastic changes in SEO services offered. The truth to the matter is that what could be called as good or positive SEO today, was very much the same as it was two years ago. What has changed is the implementation of it.

    So many SEO providers have "burned" so many companies over the years, generally giving business owners "nasty taste" for SEO services in general. We don't blame you. It's a bit of a "mumbo jumbo" or "dark arts" industry that leaves many clients both confused and disappointed.

    SEO Services
    As with any service, especially a local business service, both SEO services and Local SEO Services see an enormous range in pricing. To put it bluntly, there is a reason that people DON'T stick with those $, $, $ a month type SEO services, they just don't work!

    The reason that they don't work is simple . . . you simply can't get the amount of work required to be performed and completed for that amount of money. Well, you can't get it done RIGHT for that amount of money. The VAST majority of those type SEO services will do more harm to your company then help.

    While every SEO job is different, we have created a pricing schedule based on what we have learned from over 15 years of performing SEO services.

    We offer an industry-leading performance guarantee. If the campaign is not growing each and every month, we waive our SEO fees. However, we very rarely miss our performance guarantee. If we miss it, it is most likely because the company is new and has a brand-new domain name and website. Customers will not have to pay for the SEO service if it is not performing well.

    We do not require a time-based contract, allowing a client to cancel at any time and for any reason. Unlike our competitors, we do not pin a client down for 6- or 12-month contracts. Our second-month renewal rate exceeds 99%. Our one-year renewal rate (12 consecutive renewals) exceeds 90%.

    We offer fully customizable SEO programs to accommodate your needs. Local Business, Small Business, Corporate/Enterprise solutions, etc. This ensures that your SEO campaign best accommodates the needs and budget of your unique environment.

    Setting Customer Expectations
    Competition Is tough out there. There are more companies coming online every day in an effort to reach their customers. Many of these companies have hired SEO Services themselves.

    While we are INCREDIBLY sure and confident of our ability to rank your website with our SEO Services or our Local SEO services, we want you to know that SEO Ranking is not something that generally changes over night, it just takes some time.

    So even though our agreements are on a month by month basis, we ask that you give us three months to make a positive change for you. We ask that you give us a chance to make a positive permanent change for your business. Give us three months and you'll never look back.