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    Marketing for roofing companies can be challenging. Luckily, SEO Webmasters provides SEO services for contractors and companies throughout the United States. With years of experience promoting services on behalf of roofers, we’ve developed valuable insights about marketing within the roofing industry specifically. The implementation of keywords is only one element to an effective SEO strategy, and should not be abused by stuffing terms into on-page content, out of context. Instead, optimization should focus on SEO from a macro-level, making sure the company’s online presence is robust and widespread. We provide these SEO services:

    Image Optimization: Renaming image files and entering alt text once uploaded
    Keyword Placement: Researching industry keywords and dispersing them throughout content
    Meta Descriptions: Writing an informative meta description that fits within character limitations
    Title Tags: Optimizing title tags with industry keywords
    Websites for roofers should be fully optimized for local and industry terms, but should also exhibit each of the components mentioned above. Choosing NJ SEO as your SEO service will ensure that each element is embedded into your website’s fundamental infrastructure. The objective of our services is to generate exclusive roofing leads on behalf of our clients. Since the majority of leads will come from Google search, particularly via mobile device, it is imperative that each company’s website is 100% refined for search visibility, and mobile usability
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    There’s Several Ways to Get Roofing Leads
    In an optimal scenario, SEO and leads run parallel to one another. The reason search engine optimization was first introduced into the roofing industry was to generate better, and cheaper leads. When properly optimized, a roofing company website can accomplish that objective. It’s fair to stress however, that in 2018, almost every contractor is utilizing optimization of some kind. To put it most simply, there’s more competition today, than there has ever been before. While such a crowded marketplace might discourage some from trying, the advancements made in tools like Google Analytics have empowered companies to more precisely measure their marketing campaigns in real-time. SEO can promote roofer lead generation, through the following channels:

    Featured Snippets: Programmatically selected blocks of text that serve as a de facto #1 ranking
    Knowledge Graph: The right-hand side of the organic results that shows a company profile
    Local 3 Pack: The pack of mapped companies (usually 3) that appear towards the top of results
    Search Results: The 10 or so organic results on Google page 1
    Optimization works best in conjunction with PPC, rather than instead of it. The two methodologies play off of one another, with SEO being the more appealing result to many internet users, while PPC ads guarantee visibility for certain keywords. While PPC ads emulate organic results, they don’t usually attract as many quality clicks, which is essentially any user who will be converted into a customer. Both SEO and PPC can get consumers in the door, if you will, but it is incumbent on contractors to close the deal after that point. Combining SEO, PPC, and reputation management, can make for a triple-threat attack on lead generation for roofers.

    Roofing SEO Marketing Strategy
    Roofing Webmasters SEO Marketing Strategy
    Social Media Should Be Part of the Strategy
    Optimization is conceptually appealing, but putting it into practice takes time, dedication, and an in-depth understanding of the marketplace. Sure, generating organic clicks from users is great for business, but roofers must understand the nuances of how to encourage that to happen consistently. Producing engaging content is a good place to start, but roofers can’t ignore the importance of a visually appealing website design, as well as a consistent social media voice that connects with your target customers on their preferred channels. Let’s take a look at some of the elements of an effective SEO marketing strategy for roofers:

    Keyword Research: Research keywords for industry and location relevance
    Page Structure: Create a URL hierarchy to mark parent and child pages
    Site Preparation: Arrange SEO elements like titles, meta descriptions, and images
    Social Media: The refinement of social network profiles and content shared on them
    Keep in mind that a strategy should be outlined BEFORE the launch of a website. If your existing website has failed to perform up to expectations, perhaps a fresh start will put you on a more ideal path to success. For websites that have consistently failed to generate clicks, leads, and traffic, starting from scratch is hardly a radical ideal. Since pages gain authority most primarily through inbound links, a lack of success usually indicates a lack of quality inbound links from reputable sources.