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    SEO Audit Service
    Find out why your SEO campaign isn’t working and start getting better results!
    What is an SEO audit?
    Why should you do one?
    When should you do one?

    An SEO audit is the process of identifying what factors may be holding your SEO performance back. It involves analyzing every component of an effective SEO campaign and then giving you a roadmap for what you need to focus on.

    How We Do Audits
    Our audits are intense and designed to reveal all information about your SEO campaign. Here’s how the audit process looks:

    1. Audit Your Keyword Strategy
    We analyze your current set of keywords, find new keywords, prioritize your keyword set, and then categorize your keywords based on search intent.

    2. Audit Your Competitors
    Keyword analysis is the first part of the process. We then analyze your competitors to help you prioritize what keywords you should target. Then, we analyze your competitors on a deeper level to extract keyword ideas, content angles, and backlink opportunities.

    3. Audit Your Technical Performance
    Having a strong technically-optimized website is critical to the long-term success of your SEO campaign. We use a variety of tools to identify both high-impact and low-impact technical issues that may be holding your website back or hurting User Experience (UX).

    4. Audit Your Site Architecture
    A well-designed site architecture can improve crawability and indexing and help grow your site’s authority. That means you can rank with less backlinks. We audit your existing architecture and will map out a more effective one if deemed necessary.

    5. Audit Your SEO Content Strategy
    “SEO content” refers to any keyword-targeted page on your website. We analyze every single one of your keyword targeted pages to help you make them even better.

    6. Audit Your Backlink Strategy
    Backlinks are a fundamental piece of the SEO equation. We first analyze your existing backlink profile and then we use countless methods to find new link opportunities for you.

    7. Give You a Detailed Action Roadmap
    Information is useless without direction. That’s why we also supply you with a detailed action list. This list is prioritized based on what actions will have the highest impact on your SEO performance.