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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the absolute bedrock of any good online marketing strategy. It is simply the most proven effect way to increase your online visibility. Increasing visibility has the potential to increase your sales, and will help you to gain new business through informing visitors of your products or services. Our company specializes in helping companies like yours use SEO to increase their web traffic and in turn increase their profits.

    The numbers don’t lie, SEO really works:

    95% of customers spend time researching products and services through Search Engines before making the decision to purchase.

    91% of people decide to contact businesses immediately after finding their business online

    83% of online traffic goes to the first three sites found on a search engine. NOT sponsored links.

    Our company implements proven SEO techniques to increase your chances of being found by search engines and being listed near the top of the page. Pay per click ads are an option but they are only there as long as you are paying for them. SEO is done by building your site in a way where you can be listed high on the list without continually having to pay for it. We know every business is unique. That is why we will customize your SEO campaign to fit your needs, your budget, and your overall goals. We will work together to figure out what these pieces are for your business, and continue to assess whether or not your goals are being realized.

    We are constantly having to chance and evolve to keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing in order to ensure our customers are getting the best results possible. Here is a short list of how we get things done.

    Competitive Analysis
    We will craft a competitive analysis report that will give you the information you need to understand how your business will benefit from using our services. We take our time when researching your area of business including looking into your competitors in order to understand your business fully so we can help you blow your competition out the water. We plan to investigate what your competition’s tactics are and find a way to beat them in all of their own games. We will work to increase your web traffic, and help you learn how to best connect with online customers.

    Keyword Research
    Key word research is an essential piece of any SEO campaign. Deciding which keywords you are going to focus on can make the difference in whether or not you have a successful campaign or a complete dud. Our goal is to look for keywords that will give you be best ROI. We do this by considering the competition of a chosen keywords and comparing it to the volume of which it is usually searched for. At NJ SEO we take keyword research seriously. We find keywords that will give you the most traffic, the most conversions and ultimately the greatest chance of growth. We believe solid keywords have to adhere to the following characteristics:

    Reachable – they need to be realistic in order to give you the fastest ROI

    Relevant – they have to speak to your product, your business or the services you provide.

    ROI – they absolutely have to accomplish the ultimate goal of increasing leads, sales, or customers.

    At the NJ SEO, we work closely with you to make sure we can develop a list of keywords that adheres to all of these characteristics.

    Website Structure
    This is where we are different from many other companies. We know that Google looks at the quality of your website before anything else when considering where you will be placed in search results. That’s why we work hard to help you find any glitches or errors within your site that may affect how you are rated on Google searches. We will also complete a full diagnosis where we will look for any errors, broken links, missing images, and many other things that may hurt your search results.

    On Page Optimization
    After we have selected the right keywords for your business we will construct HTML code that will then be read and assessed by search engine crawlers. These crawlers ultimately determine how your site will be ranked. This optimization will cover all your meta content (alt tags, title tags, alt texts et cetera) which helps search engine crawlers move around your site and decide how it will value it.

    Content Optimization
    The content is developed around the keywords we have chosen. It’s absolutely necessary that all your content is original and not copied and that all your pages are updated regularly with new content. After the recent Panda Update Google released the search crawlers were given the ability consider your content when rating your site. That is why it’s essential that your become increasingly aware that content is now a necessary part of any good SEO strategy. At the NJ SEO, we use content that is focused on your industry in order to increase your overall ranking and improve your traffic.

    Offsite Optimization
    Offsiteoptimization is essentially all the digital marking your do with third party websites that you can market your website with. This is a large part of the overall SEO picture because the search engine crawlers notice when multiple websites are continually sending people to your site. Even better, if you are getting traffic from sites that have a greater authority. We use many different techniques when considering offsite optimization, they include:

    Link Building – This is easily one of the most essential tools for offsite optimization. Link building is done by finding sites that have a good domain authority sometimes referred to as a “TrustRank” and finding a way to get them to link back to your content. We have relationships with many authoritative domains which allows us to help you use link building to help your website gain authority over time.

    Link Analysis – Link analysis is done by looking at the number of links, domains, anchor text usage and variance in order to decide which site is the best site to link back to your content. We also look at who your competition is getting links from and find ways to do the same.

    Article Submission – This is a very powerful way to get your content out there. This is done by submitting high quality writing to sites that will link back to your content. Often these articles get listed by authoritative sites, ultimately linking back to your and giving you the boost you need.

    Press Release Submission – This is similar in many ways to article submission. We can submit press releases about your business online with the goal of having them picked up by authority sites, giving you even more boost.

    Guest Blogging – Guest blogging is done when you write an article for someone else in your industry so it can be featured on their site. We will find bloggers who have popular sites so you can increase your traffic this way. You not only gain traffic from the post, but also your ranking will increase from the traffic you will get from the backlink

    SEO Tracking, Consulting and Reporting
    It is absolutely necessary to keep track of all the results of your ongoing campaign in order to make sure you are getting your best ROI. We use powerful tools that will keep track of all the moving pieces and give you a clear picture of where your dollars are being spent and where you are getting your best ROI. We will give you your own project management team who will be dedicated to keeping you in the loop, and focusing on continually optimization of your campaign. We want you to know that your money is being well spent, when hiring us for your SEO team.