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    What is Search Engine Optimization?
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website to increase the volume and quality of traffic from search engines.

    Why do You Need SEO?
    If your site can’t be found you miss out on incredible opportunities to do business with people who are looking for what you offer. To get any sort of traffic from search engines, you need to be within the top 30 results, preferably within the top 10 results. 90% of users do not look past the 3rd page of search results. Optimize for the wrong keyword and you could see your search engine traffic plummet.

    By investing in SEO services from proven SEO experts, and directing the right visitors to your site using the proper search terms, NJ SEO
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    SEO Expert + Your Company = Higher Rankings
    Of all of the online marketing avenues that we've tested, ranking your website in Google provides, by far, the best ROI.
    What is SEO?

    SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of increasing your webpage's organic listing in search engines.

    SEO is the fourth stage in our Online Marketing Roadmap. The first three stages are Logo / Branding, website hosting, website design and then SEO.

    SEO is different from Google Adwords (a PPC campaign) because it allows your business to receive all of the traffic for a keyword during the month instead of stopping your listing when your budget runs out. This is huge!

    Our purpose is to help your business identify how your customers search online and then to craft a SEO strategy for how to rank your site on the first page.

    SEO Services
    Are you looking for the best SEO ranking company with a complete SEO system to help your business rank organically in Google? Have a look at our SEO Marketing Roadmap and let us know if you think we're a good fit.
    Marketing Plan & Research
    The first step in starting SEO services is always research. Identifying your products and services and how it correlates to how your customers search online.

    Keyword Research
    After we identify your top ROI products and services, it's time to build a list of all the keywords that your clients type into Google to find your business.

    On-Page SEO
    On-Page SEO is the act of updating your physical website so that it abides by Google guidelines and lends itself to what your customers want. This stage is HUGE!

    Digital Marketing Roadmap
    Content Creation
    Now that we have a list of keywords that customers search for, it's time to see if your website has the right content for what your customers want. If not, it's time to start writing. And creating persuasive and engaging content for the site.

    Link Building
    On top of keywords and creating content that sells, link building is the biggest aspect for ranking on the first page of Google. This is one of the hardest aspects of SEO and it'll be our job to build links on as many reputable sites across the web. This is known as White Hat SEO. So, we're the good guys!

    SEO Reports
    The basis for online marketing is the return on investment and SEO is fabulous for that! The amazing part of SEO is that everything is trackable. We'll setup monthly reports so that you can see when your rankings start improving and in turn, your traffic and sales will increase as well. And it's all in black and white.

    Local SEO Services
    What is Local SEO? Local SEO helps businesses like dentists, lawyers, accountants, contractors and other small businesses rank in the Google Maps section along with reviews. How is your local profile?
    Local SEO Fort Collins Colorado
    Local SEO Services
    Our Local SEO services will not only help increase your Google rankings, but also increase your business in the Google Maps section.

    When searching for a local SEO company, you will want a company that will help your business in all aspects. As mentioned in the SEO video above, keywords and backlinks are huge for your website. But for a business who works locally, it's imperative to also work on local SEO.

    What is Local SEO? Local SEO is the process of listing your business name, address and phone number throughout local websites throughout your area. Google mentions this type of business listing as a citation. Another huge part of Local SEO is your Google reviews. (See image on left).

    Local SEO offers huge benefits for local businesses. Think about it when you went traveling last. When you searched for a hotel, what did you do? You went to Google and did a search right? May over to Trip Advisor? Then you checked out the reviews for the business and its location in proximity to all the events that you will be doing.

    Our job is multi-fold, to help your business put a plan in place to get Google reviews and to list your business throughout local sites with the correct business name, address and phone number everywhere. Inconsistent NAP can hurt your business.

    Not sure where to start? We can help. Give us a call to touch base.
    EO can provide a great return on investment for your business. Effective SEO can save a business thousands of dollars in advertising and marketing.

    Our SEO Services
    At NJ SEO, we strongly believe that organic search engine optimization will provide the best return on investment for our clients. We have proven time and again that we are experts in SEO and can deliver the results you need.

    Our SEO services include:
    SEO Assessment. Our SEO experts will take a comprehensive look at your site’s content, navigation, code, site speed, and much more.
    Strategy Development. We work with you to develop a course of action that will get you the most qualified traffic for your target market. Our goal is to determine the ideal SEO strategy that will make you successful.
    Implementation. We make sure each page we optimize has unique Meta tags(Title, Description and Keywords), clean code, search-engine friendly content and more.
    Recommendations for Improvement. We set up Google analytics tools to track and measure your website’s performance and Google webmaster tools. With the data we help you improve your site to increase your exposure.