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    Search Engine Optimization, frequently referred to as SEO, is one of the most critical aspects of your website. SEO is the continual updating of a website in order to achieve a strong rank on Google’s search engine. Organic inbound search terms can make or break your website. The lifeblood of every website is compelling content but without a captive audience content is wasted. At NJ SEO, we specialize in optimizing websites and digital content for Google’s search engine results page. Importantly, we only take on one-client per-industry per-region in regards to SEO. This allows us to serve each client to the best of our ability, rather than serving multiple masters.

    We spend the majority of our time working for our clients, not putting out disposable content. In our social media feeds, you will not find sad dog faces on Mondays or retweets of Forbes articles. Instead you will see original content, focused on the correct audience, and continually measured and adapted according to analytics and in-depth study. We are continual learners and attempt to present your business in the best possible light, utilizing white-hat Google-approved methods for local optimization.

    Happy clients are a more effective business growth engine than the most persistent sales team in the world. When clients are pleased with your work, they do not hesitate to share this with others when relevant. We would emphasize that we are referring to organic referrals and not forced referrals such as networking groups. Organic referrals happen with zero effort on the part of you and your staff. Our client spends more time serving existing clients, then acquiring new clients.

    This is an obvious inbound driver but we cannot overstate Google’s importance. Organic search engine optimization (SEO) can be the top method for acquiring new clients. When prospective clients search for your service, they are actively seeking you and your company. Stop bothering your clients. Stop ‘advertising’ to your clients. Instead, be seen by a captive audience right when they are searching for businesses like yours.

    Whether you are a service company, retail, manufacturing or anywhere in-between, people in your region are searching for your services every day. Search engine optimization puts your website front and center in front of a captive audience.

    On our portfolio and clients pages you will see a wide variety of work. Some of our clients engage us solely for video production. Others engage us for digital marketing or website design. When it comes to search engine optimization, we refused to serve more than one master. When engaged for SEO, we only take on one client per industry per region. As long as we work for you, we work for you alone. Our goal is to have a servant’s heart in everything we do. Loyalty is just one way we can demonstrate that heart to our clients. It also allows us to use all of our knowledge to serve one client to one goal. If your business experiences growth as a result of our work, we will all reap the benefits of increased opportunity. You grow, we grow!