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    NJ SEO
    We focus on providing the best New Jersey SEO to companies located in and around the Freehold Township, NJ area. Our efforts are based off of market, keyword, and competitor research in any given clients vertical. We take this knowledge and specifically target the top 3 spots on page 1 for our clients. That’s where the clicks are, and that’s where we want your website to rank.

    NJ SEO Reviews
    We could go on forever about how great we are, but instead we encourage you to read our online reviews. Ours is high quality “white hat” NJ SEO that avoids spam tactics, and delivers real results to our clients in the form or increased contacts, leads, and sales.

    If you would like to speak to our previous clients that's doable. Call or use our contact form and we'll get their info to you.

    Why us for your NJ SEO?
    Because New Jersey is our home. It’s where we grew up and we know the ins and outs of marketing in our city. Sure, SEO on the world wide web is a big thing, and we’ve had clients as far away as Kansas hire us to build sites and do SEO for them. But optimizing for the Freehold Township area is our real passion. It’s our turf! And we know it and the nuances of Freehold Township well. If we didn’t, our competitors wouldn’t spend so much time spying on us.

    In addition to that:

    We do extensive keyword research for every client’s business.
    We write semantically rich copy for top website rankings.
    Competitor research is provided to each client.
    We know what NJ SEO strategies work and don’t waste our clients’ money on jingoistic fluff.
    We provide accurate ranking reports for all of our clients
    We lay the strategy out before we start, and go over what we find with clients.
    We're not successful until our clients are ranking on the first page of Google.
    We have verifiable case studies and testimonials from clients willing to talk to you personally.
    We have pricing to fit most any small to medium sized business budget.