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    NJ SEO

    NJ SEO has a scientifically-engineered approach to managing Search Engine Optimization because getting your business to the top of Google is our top priority.

    Our SEO team has years of experience working with a variety of businesses, search engines, and platforms contributing to our adaptive and proactive approach. Every website is different and there is no ‘one size fits all’ package out there despite what some others in the industry may tell you!

    We’ve developed a process that is methodical and extremely effective but it’s a process that must be precisely followed to ensure your company’s ultimate success.

    SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate
    93% of online experiences begin with a search engine
    There are over 1.2 trillion global searches being conducted each month
    Technical SEO is more than just optimizing a few title tags, it’s about ensuring that the website is optimizing for search engine bots to maximize crawl budget.
    Content has evolved from keyword density and trying to target specific keywords with individual pages. Through keyword research we can feed back into a content strategy that adds user value and performs in the SERPs.
    Links are still an important part of Google’s algorithm, but the old practices of buying links in bulk don’t apply to a modern SEO world.

    Due to the level of success we’ve seen helping businesses across the Commonwealth of Galloway Township demand has grown significantly. As a result, we’re very selective with who we work with as we take your business growth very seriously.

    To be considered for our SEO services, you must fulfill the following requirements:
    Existing Business – Your business must be healthy, active, and be able to support the influx of leads and customers who will be coming your way as a result of our services. Our services are for companies who are already active in the marketplace and are looking to move faster and reach further.
    Possess a Steady Flow of Leads and Customers – The key to consistent and lasting SEO results is persistent effort over a long period of time. We need you to be comfortable already with your existing business so that you we do not stretch your budget to the brink while we do the work essential to your success.
    Good Reputation – All of the work we do will not only be bring you more sales and profits, it will also be bringing you significant goodwill as we build your reputation. It’s important to us that we do right by your customers and the community. As such, we need to be confident you are providing excellent service to your customers at all times.

    Start Ups – We invest a lot in your business success so it is important we know you have the staying power and process maturity to make the most of our business relationship. SEO is often mistaken as an ‘add-on’ at the end of a process, the icing on the cake – but really it needs to be a key ingredient in the mixing bowl and baked into the foundations of a website.