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    Search Engine Optimization Services
    Search Engine Optimization is a complex and constantly changing arena. It is one of the most effective (in ROI) marketing techniques used in the digital age in improving bottom line figures. An SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) helps improve a websites visibility on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for a given number of target keywords normally related to the products and services you offer.

    Our team of experts have been operating in this field from early 2005 and since then, the scope, tactics and methodologies to improve search engine rankings of a website have drastically changed. Gone are the days where stuffingsaw significant increases on a website ranking. Our SEO services include a number of key elements that form the foundations of what SEO is today. These include linking strategies, content Optimization, on-site HTML improvements and more. We continuously monitor and work to Google’s guidelines, ensuring the websites we build and optimize work to position themselves on Google’s first result page.

    Our SEO service spans across a variety of industries, marketplaces and business types including, travel SEO, eCommerce SEO, small business SEO and many more. Whether you’re a hairdresser, plumber, builder, national blue chip company or looking to break into the international markets, our decades of experience interlinks between markets so we can help whatever the situation.

    You may even be a digital marketing agency? If so, we offer a tailored and bespoke solution under our White Label SEO.

    What does it cost to get to no.1 of Google?

    No-one can guarantee your website reaching number 1 via Organic search, not even Google themselves due to algorithmic nature of the search engine. Understandably that’s not the answer you’d like to hear, so here’s our own examples.

    Common SEO Downfalls
    Keyword Stuffing
    Unoptimized Title / H1 Tags
    Duplicate Content
    Missing Robots
    URL Structure
    More links the better
    What is SEO?
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    Specialist SEO Services for Small & Medium Sized Businesses
    Finding an SEO agency with proven results who provide a meaningful benefit to your business can be difficult task, especially when the industry is saturated with organizations promising Google Top 1 rankings and a beach, Hollywood set lifestyle.

    In reality, no-one can promise position 1 rankings on any search engine. Therefore, we can’t promise top 1 rankings, but check out our success page which talks about the fantastic results we have achieved for our clients. We have turned small local retailers into national competing organizations. Our SEO strategies have continuously beaten larger, more well-known brands in the industry (such as Amazon / eBay / Wickes / B&Q) With improved conversion rates and an increase in visitors, we have truly given business owners the time to make their next move.

    What are the benefits of Search Engine Optimization?

    There are a number of benefits of being at the top of a search engine. In our own experience, our clients have grown from small local regional distributors to nationally recognized brands for obtaining 1st page rankings for only a select few keywords. This doesn’t come easy however and the path to success isn’t always as easy as you may think due to the time frame it now takes to obtain results from organic means.

    Find New Customers
    Explore New Markets
    Achieve Better Conversion Rates
    Bypass Competition
    Open Business 24*7
    Increase Traffic
    Higher ROI (Return on Investment)
    94% Ignore Page 2 of Google
    Multiply Sales

    Travel SEO
    Offering online SEO Services, Content Auditing, HTML Improvements for the Travel & Holiday Industries.

    Small Business SEO
    SEO Services and Packages for small businesses. Perfect for sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and start-ups.

    Ecommerce SEO
    SEO services and consultations for improving online product sales, reducing bounce rate and improve repeat purchase value.

    B2B SEO
    Offering online SEO Services for Business 2 Business (B2B) marketplaces and industries online.

    Retail SEO
    Search Engine Optimization services and consultation for online shops. Perfect for all types of products.

    SEO for All Industries
    SEO Moves, unlike a generic agency, partners with their clients whilst regularly investing our time and resources to ensure the success of each and every individual campaign. We embrace Google’s changes, and continually to work within their guidelines to deliver the best results.

    By following these guidelines, we have become renowned for search engine Optimization services throughout a variety of different industries and marketplaces. From healthcare training programs to oak doors, the fundamental and core aspects of search engine Optimization differ only marginally across each industry and by partnering with our clients we form a formidable team to work along your customer behaviors and expectations, delivering their requirements.

    Each service differs slightly, but the core goals remain. Deliver more quality visitors, leads and sales to (and through) the website. To achieve this, content Optimization, HTML improvements and link building are all necessary to improve rankings thus leading to more of the above. Without these core fundamental aspects, and about 200 other algorithmic tactics we employ, achieving high Google rankings would be extremely difficult.

    If your industry or marketplace isn’t listed that doesn’t mean we don’t cover it! It would be near impossible to list every type of SEO marketplace and industry and we’d end up with a pretty hefty and long page! Contact Us today for a free consultation with an SEO Expert.

    We use dedicated resources
    Our Team Achieves No1 Rankings
    We are a ‘One-Stop-Shop’
    SEO for all Business Types
    Photography SEO
    SEO Service designed and optimized solely for photographers on a local and national scale.

    Estate Agent SEO
    Compete with larger competitors in this competitive field whilst selling houses quickly and efficiently.

    Accountancy SEO
    Boost your online presence in a competitive and challenging industry. Become known locally and nationwide.

    Restaurant SEO
    List your restaurant on Google Maps and become known for high quality, 10-star food in your local area.

    Why Organic SEO?
    If carried out in an effective manner, search engine Optimization can significantly increase the traffic to your website and grow your business by way of high search engine rankings or alternative techniques that bring on good returns (ROI). SEO Moves will analyze a website, liaise with clients to understand the history (if any) and put forward a plan of action on how we can best optimize your website. This may use a number of methods such as link building, content marketing, social media or pay per click. Normally this takes a few weeks for us to fully understand your business and marketplace. But by doing this, we automatically put ourselves light years ahead of our field as we fully immerse ourselves into your industry.

    The SEO Moves search engines optimizers team has over 11+ years combined experience and have been working in this marketplace since Google’s algorithm began, meaning we have a direct understanding of how the system has developed over time and where we believe Google will continue to take their plans in the future. This is crucial to ensure that your website and business stays ahead of the game and continues to follow Google’s guidelines outlined in their webmaster’s section.

    As a result, we have seen our clients start off small, but ending up as national leaders in their sectors solely down to their visibility on Google and by the work that SEO Moves have carried out for them over the years. Our business grows once your business, so really, we adopt a strategic and long-term partnership with our clientele. Our Haddon Heights SEO Packages are a great way to boost your websites ranking from the off.

    Video Introduction to SEO Moves

    Finer SEO Details
    Onsite Optimization
    Offsite Optimization
    HTML & Meta Tags
    Local SEO
    Keyword Research
    Continued Development
    On-site Optimization is the process of making your website appeal to both search engines and visitors. SEO Moves reviews, improves and implements positively impactful changes to enhance both the public face of your website and the coding / technical set-up which search engines can crawl.

    Google’s search engine will evaluate a website differently to that of a human visitor. For example, Google’s bot can’t evaluate how nicely your website is designed or the true value of your product of service. See our Web Development Leicester page for more information.

    By carrying out various on-site Optimization techniques such as;

    Adding keywords to URLs, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions
    Ensuring each page has unique and descriptive content
    Improving content to better content on competing websites
    Remove or merge duplicate pages
    And many more
    You begin to enhance your website and allow it to communicate more effectively with a search engine crawler bot. However, there are cases of over-Optimization which can lead to an algorithmic penalty. If you think you may be under penalty, have an SEO Moves consultant contact you.