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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a very important marketing tool. If you have a web site and don’t have it optimized for search engines, you could be missing out on a large volume of web site traffic. At NJ SEO, we consider SEO a key component of the overall development and design of a web site and make it our business to stay current on the information in this fast-moving, technological field.

    Effective Copywriting.

    There are many elements that are considered when employing effective on-site SEO practices. The first is creating good copy. Copywriting can make or break a web site in terms of SEO. Poorly written copy not only can have a negative effect on the viewer but can be a detriment to your site in the eyes of search engines. The primary goal of your web site is to relate to the user of your site. If they can't understand what your site is about or have trouble understanding what you need them to about your product or service then your web site is failing.

    This same thing is true with search engines. They read copy a little differently than humans but the goal is the same. They try to understand what your site is about so they can index your web pages into their database then display YOUR information when someone types in a related search into their search engine.

    It is very important to develop copy that is equally aimed at both the human and web bot visitors to your site. NJ SEO's copywriting team employs techniques that can help your site achieve an optimized status and relate to both the human and web bot elements.

    Developing effective copy is the first step but programming is equally important. Web bots read text in a hierarchy similar to an outline so the copy that is developed for the web site must also be used in key elements of programming. There are also other programming steps that must be take such as developing a site map for your web site. NJ SEO's web development team knows how to employ effective SEO programming techniques that will optimize your site and get your web pages indexed in search engines.

    After your site has been designed and optimized you must practice ongoing SEO techniques to stay current and you must also monitor how your site is performing and occasionally change tactics when necessary. There are also numerous off-site SEO practices that you can employ to help the performance of your website. NJ SEO has an offsite-SEO protocol to help you get started and we employ analytical programs to help determine how your site is performing on the web. Call us today to see how we can help develop your web site into a marketing machine.

    On-Site SEO is the practice of controlling the physical content of your web site. This means generating a list of keywords that are appropriate for your business, developing effective copy that uses these keywords throughout the web site and developing strategic programming that also uses these keywords in important meta-tags.

    The idea of on-site SEO is to optimize your site so that search engines can easily navigate through your web site and determine what your site is about. The search engine will then index your site into its database and you will appear in search results that match what your web site emphasizes. The ultimate goal is to appear at the top of the list in the number one or two position.

    The search engines set the rules on how and why they will display your site in search results. They spend countless hours writing program arrays that reward those who follow the rules and punish those who do not. NJ SEO has developed an on-site SEO protocol that has proven effective. We stay in touch with cutting edge developments in SEO and employ any and all factors that will help your site get results.

    There are many techniques that can be employed and these are changing all the time. Don't be fooled by quasi SEO practice that sounds too good to be true. On-Site SEO is not a one-time set up then your site is good-to-go. The initial SEO techniques must be monitored, analyzed, evaluated and changed where necessary to achieve the ultimate goal.

    Current and pertinent information is the base of good on-site SEO practice. If your site is producing current and pertinent information combined with optimized copy and program code then your site is headed in the right direction.

    Call us today to see how we can help improve your sites performance in the search engines.

    Off-site SEO is the marketing power of your website. Off-site SEO generally refers to strategies used to increase the amount of in-bound links to your website. This can increase traffic flow to your site resulting in more sales or conversions.

    NJ SEO uses a proven protocol to help you increase the visibility of your site. Our current test site has moved from being virtually invisible for selected keywords and key phrases to coming up on the first page for ALL selected keywords and key phrases in organic searches. Good off-site SEO practice goes hand-in-hand with on-site SEO. Once you have your site optimized locally the next step is to practice off-site SEO.

    There are many strategies involved with off-site SEO which range from blogging, video distributions, registering with various registries, pay per click ad campaigns, and creating a network of cross-industry links. A powerful social media approach can also be employed. It all depends to what depth you want to go and what your budget will allow.

    NJ SEO will discuss with you to what extent you would like to complete an effective off-site SEO campaign and tailor a program to fit your needs and budget.