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    NJ SEO is owned and operated by a team of American SEO and PPC experts. We specialize in increasing relevant traffic to business and entertainment websites by utilizing precise and effective custom SEO and PPC campaigns. This is our business. We operate 24/7/365 with phone, live chat and email support from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. Our core group of experienced SEO professionals have successfully ranked over 500 websites in the USA! Our record speaks for itself; we have put many internationally prominent businesses on the map using our SEO strategies in the last 10 years.

    Our SEO services are not "cookie cutter". Our SEO plans incorporate powerful, proven techniques that are unique, yet organic. We believe that repetitive SEO campaigns are not as effective. Each campaign includes a set number of campaigns each month. However, each campaign accomplishes different results and incorporates different aspects each month! Oh, did we mention our support is phenomenal? Whether your need is big or small, we're here for you! Communication is extremely important to us. We use traffic analytic software and frequent communication with our clients as a way to monitor the progress of our campaigns.

    It's our mission to grow your business by increasing traffic and leads. Without proper rankings, traffic is limited. Without proper traffic, leads are limited. And without leads, you are losing money. In short, the more we grow your business, the more likely you are to stay our customer. It is our firm belief that we MUST succeed. That is why we refuse to require contracts. Contracts, in our view, give companies an excuse to slack off. If every month we are fighting to keep your business, then obviously we are not going to slack. It's a constant risk that we may lose a client and we like it that way. It's what keeps our team on edge!

    Our process is simple. We gather data from you as a client. We then use that data to generate a "Pre-SEO Report". This report shows you where you are before we start on your campaign(s). After this process, it's straight to research and lots of it! We research your industry, it's search demand and your competition. Thorough research and planning go into every campaign, large or small. With this research, we are able to deliver an effective keyword plan and begin increasing your organic traffic!