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    The Power of the Top Three Positions
    If you’re not in one of the top three positions in Google for your local keywords then your Internet marketing plan is already a bust. The top 3 positions in Google get a combined total of 58% of the clicks from search users. The #1 position gets 36.4% of those clicks with the percentages dropping off exponentially from that point. What does that mean for your company? Not having your company website in one of the top 3 positions is the equivalent of building your business on a desolate side road on the outskirts of town. What is the point in investing in a website if none of your potential customers or clients can find it?

    Our Solution
    Search algorithms are complicated to say the least. Through years of testing and delivering results, our team has figured out what Google loves to be fed and we continue to feed them until you are the authority on the services you offer in your market. It’s simple really… If all indicators point to your company as being the best at what it does, then they're naturally going to serve your website to their searchers first, ahead of your competition. The ultimate goal of any search engine optimization service is to deliver the best content to their users in order to give them the best possible experience so they return time and time again.

    How We Do It
    Google’s algorithm has over 200 ranking factors ranging from how much traffic your website receives to how long your visitor stays on your homepage (also referred to as “Bounce Rate”). Throughout the years the one common ranking factor that will forever be prevalent is quality content and the consistent delivery of that content.

    Quality and relevant content related to your business and industry delivered by our talent team of writers
    Highly shareable ("linkable") content delivered across all digital platforms
    Innovative solutions to garner naturally earned links back to your website
    Digital press releases to establish your company as a leader in your industry
    Video marketing to educate your potential and existing customer base
    The creation of internal systems to get your entire team engaged in the process

    These are just a few examples of a much larger process that allow our clients to dominate their local and/or national markets.