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    Conveniently located in Island Heights, New Jersey, NJ SEO offers affordable SEO services that are targeted toward not only raising your ranks, but also helping you get your content to where your visitors will find answers to their questions and see your company as the right choice for their business. We focus mostly on getting the results that can give you the greatest amount of qualified traffic that’s going to convert to customers for you, and we accomplish this by placing our largest focus on how we can get you ranked higher on Google. Did you know:

    NJ SEO, Search Google dominates in the world of search engines (80% of all desktop searches & 94% of all mobile searches are done through Google), and they give preference to websites that are well established, fast, mobile friendly, well organized, informative, error-free, and reliable sources of information by others within the same industry.

    Here at NJ SEO we know exactly what it takes to help your business get on the right track to being on the front page of the search results pages (SERPs), with the first step being to diagnose both the weaknesses and strengths your site through an SEO Website Audit, followed by Internal Optimization and then External Optimization.

    SEO Website Audit
    Before anything, it’s essential that you know up front what errors are occurring on your site along with anything that might be working against you. Issues such as missing pages and links, duplicate content, content that takes too long to download, and multiple pages with the same titles and descriptions are just a few of the things we can uncover and help remedy. The website audit will also help to identify whether your site is improperly structured, weak in content, and deficient in external resources that point back to your site (backlinks). Learn more about getting an SEO Website Audit

    Internal Optimization
    An SEO Website Audit can help to uncover your weaknesses and strengths, but our Internal Optimization methods can fix any technical issues that are uncovered along with making sure your site is well structured, all pages are unique in titles, descriptions, and content, and everything is well within Googles quality guidelines. Learn more about our Internal SEO Services

    External Optimization
    It’s equally important that your website have consistency with high quality local directories if you’re a local based company, backlinks to your website from other websites that are within your same industry, and methods whereby social media users can share your content with others which in turn can create multiple pathways leading to your business. Through our External SEO Services, we can help bolster your site visibility which will also indicate to Google that terms related to your products and services are recommended by others. Learn more about our External SEO Services.