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    Practically everything your business does on the internet influences search engine rankings. Every time your business is mentioned, every time your website is visited, and many other things hold value when pursuing a well ranking optimized website. Google is constantly changing the algorithm used to rank search engine results. We keep track of that, and in addition to teaching you how to achieve optimized exposure, we keep you updated on the latest techniques and tricks. We’ll guide you through placing content and using keywords across your marketing channels so that your placement in search engine rankings is, well, optimized.

    Development and advocation of specific keywords and phrases according to search engine trends.
    Analysis of competitor search engine rankings.
    Optimization of webpages, titles and filenames in order to yield highest search results.
    Utilization of meta titles, descriptions and keywords.
    Content review and advocation to align with keywords in order to keep content relevant.
    Copywriting specifically aimed at producing most on-point and search engine friendly copy.
    Search Engine Optimization Research
    Comprehensive research and development of productive keywords and key phrases including trend analysis.
    Detailed analysis on competitor search engine positioning.
    Analysis of competitor search engine strategies.
    Website Search Engine Optimization

    Optimize all website pages with keywords.
    Optimization of page titles, filenames, meta tags, meta descriptions and alt tags in accordance to the new search engine regulations.
    Creation of and upload of sitemap.
    Installation of search engine monitoring scripts.
    Content Relevancy Development

    Suggest changes to content to match keywords and promote content relevancy.
    Development of search engine friendly copy for the site based on existing copy.