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    Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization (often abbreviated as SEO) is a huge concern for business owners. It can be infuriating to ‘Google’ your ideal keyword only to find that your biggest competitor is the result. Luckily, we have helped many of our clients dominate their search results and transform their businesses as a result. So how can you get the benefit of increased search traffic for your business?

    The biggest key to achieving search engine dominance is to possess a website that is highly usable with fantastic content that relates to the products and services you offer. Your website also needs to be internally optimized so that search engines can give your site the credit it deserves. All this translates to increased search engine traffic.

    Designing For Great Usability
    If you’re a search engine, then your goal is to make your users happy. You WANT to send your users to great sites with great content. If your website has a complicated hard-to-understand layout, then visitors will not be happy. When visitors are unhappy (and search engines have lots of sophisticated ways of telling if users aren’t happy) search engines will send you visitors less often.

    On the other hand, if your website has fantastic usability and a simple clutter-free design, it will make users happy and search engines will reward you with more visitors.

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    Content & More Content
    The quality and quantity of the content on your website is the #1 factor that influences your ability to win search traffic. In the world of search engines, the website with the most content that directly relates to what people are searching for will win every time. Your content must also be AWESOME (it’s not quantity vs. quality, its quantity AND quality).

    NJ SEO provides comprehensive content services to ensure that you have loads of high-quality, search-optimized content for your website.

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    Internal Search Engine Optimization
    Each page on your website contains hundreds or thousands of signals to search engines about which ‘words’ are most important. This includes page titles, meta keywords and descriptions, headers, links, anchor text, etc. All this needs to be optimized so that you rank for the terms that are important for your business. It can get exceedingly complicated.

    Luckily, the NJ SEO has years of combined experience in properly optimizing your website. We provide an initial optimization with every site we build and we are available for ongoing maintenance and optimization to help your website remain effective for years to come.

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