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    We are a web development and SEO company serving the entire Mahwah. We are driven to provide you with the best quality services for the money. To help your business succeed online in this digital age we live.

    If you’re not familiar with the term search engine optimization or SEO, it’s time for a brief overview. SEO is a methodology or framework widely used by internet marketers and SEO professionals to optimize websites for internet search rankings. It’s important to understand as you develop your business web pages they need to be optimized for search engines. Additionally, the search engines use the sites you link to, and the sites linking to you to determine the authority and relevance of your site and keywords. When search engines such as Google index your website, they use specific keywords and phrases to determine what your specific pages and website as a whole is all about. For example, if you’re selling dog training books you want Google to index and offer up your site when consumers search for dog training books, not German Sheppard’s or dog food, but for dog training books.

    As you can see SEO services are an important part for any business and the success of your website. Not only for when you’re building a new website, but for those who want better rankings and more traffic to their existing website.

    How It All Works
    Whether we’re building a site for you, or when doing SEO work on your existing site, we’ll talk about the important terms and phrases you want to be found under or ranked for. Having a chance at good search rankings starts with proper URL structuring, and quality content. We’ll work together to make sure we have the right words in titles and headings so Google and others will know what your site is all about.

    SEO is not a do once and you’re done situation. It takes time and patience to build authority and trust with the search engines and your users. Not only do the search engines want to see good quality on-site content, they also want to see specific off-site information about you as well. It has been determined that Google specifically has over 200 different ranking factors they use to decide which of your web pages to display in the results. Some of these factors include your page load speeds, authority in your niche, relevant links, code errors, quality content, and visitor engagement. And they continue to refine this factors on a regular basis so you’ll need our SEO services to help you stay on top of these changes, and to solidify your search rankings.

    When someone searches using a specific word or phrase like, “Search Engine Optimization“, Google specifically will produce or display the most relevant and best quality search results possible. This means you need to continue to work on your site to build that quality and authority that the search engines and your users require.

    As you can see with SEO, the work is never done. You must continue to work on your site and make those improvements to show you’re the best at what you do. Only then will the search engines reward you with the rankings you desire. So, if you want to get your page one search rankings then you better step up your game.