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    Oh boy.

    You've just clicked down the rabbit hole.

    What does SEO entail?

    There is a lot to be said... Too much.

    We are carving out time in our schedule and have begun writing extensively on the subject.

    Search Optimization Articles: Authoritative Associations
    In its most fundamental form, an SEO campaign is built of these four subjects:

    Market& keyword research photo
    Market & Keyword Research
    Arguably the most important aspect of an SEO campaign.

    We find the exercises involved in this process are integral to Business Development and the Marketing Direction as a whole.

    Google ranks its sites based on many things, one of which is Click-Through. Understanding your competition from this perspective can uncover many things about your industry, about which you may not know.

    On-page optimization image
    On-Page Optimization
    Generally, this is where SEO gets particularly technical.

    Outside of PageSpeed optimization and copy-writing suggestions & edits, dealing with URL structure, HTML tags, to as deep as structuring data using markup language, is where things get pretty nerdy.

    In many ways, this is the foundation on which our campaign is built. Many SEOs focus too much on link-building and other off-page signals because it (used to be) a quick game that you can turn on and off at will. When the market is still full of agencies like this, solid On-Page will generally win the game on its own.

    In a world of increasing search turbulence within an algorithm that changes 600 times a year on average, it's very important to focus on the building this foundation.

    Content strategy image
    Content Strategy
    Based on Keyword Research, we can begin to strategize long-tail, low competition high search volume, keywords from which we can begin penetrating the SERPs within your target vertical.

    Based on Market Research, we can begin to strategize what types of content engages users and makes them click and convert. The amount that we can learn from successful competition here is vast. This is where we put it into practice.

    Off-page optimization image
    Off-Page Optimization
    Off-Page is not what it used to be.

    10 years ago, it was all about backlinks. Now, be very careful with these. It's very easy to irrevocably mess this up if you don't know what you're doing.

    Here, we focus on optimizing your Entity (NAP) authoritatively within Google's Knowledge Graph. Understand that AI scans the internet for keywords and associates them to other entities and ideas. In this way, text mentions & social shares very quickly become the 'new links' in SEO.

    As a Yext Partner, we find Directory & Listing syndication to be an integral piece of publishing content and local data across our network of authoritative local directories and data aggregators.