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Middletown Township, New Jersey
When people refer to SEO (search engine optimization), they almost always use it as a term to describe the unpaid, natural results of different search engines. However, at Web Traffic Partners we take the meaning of SEO many steps further. To Web Traffic Partners the description of SEO is not limited to what shows up in the "natural" search engine results. Search engine optimization includes numerous steps to achieve first page search engine rankings. Most web design companies don’t develop “SEO friendly” websites. They lack the knowledge and experience to drive first page organic visibility on the search engines. We design amazing sites that also drive leads to your business.

Why you will love working with our SEO Consultants
Web Traffic Partners takes a huge interest in the success of your website and business. Unfortunately, when most businesses attempt to develop a website they ignore most of the key components to SEO (search engine optimization). We are available for search engine optimization or SEO consulting for our clients and enjoy this partnership. We love internet marketing, and you'll find our enthusiasm refreshing. Some clients want to be involved along the way; we welcome as much participation as you are comfortable with.

Why you need SEO
SEO optimizes businesses internet marketing campaigns to achieve higher natural search rankings. We analyze how users search for your product or service. We recommend mission critical keyword combinations and execute the necessary changes to position your website higher in natural search engine results. Are you visible on relevant keyword searches on the major search engines? An estimated 95% of all searches don’t go beyond the first page of a search result. We can make you visible on the first page of your businesses relevant keyword searches in the geographical area you provide these services or products whether it is local, statewide or national. We have proven results that we can show you upon request.

Why SEO is so important
Search engine marketing is a very complex practice. Search engines change their algorithms, merge with each other, share content and develop new products. SEO is a changing market that needs constant attention or your website could lose its visibility and rankings. The good news is Web Traffic Partners manages this process for you. We oversee changes, do continual optimization tweaking of keywords, links, content and more. Here are some of the SEO services we offer:

Content Optimization
Identify target keywords for optimization and updating page titles
Review content for keyword usage and make recommendations
Identify topics for new content development
Identify content that can be accumulated as a long-term strategy
Meta Data Optimization
Update titles, Meta keywords and descriptions on all content pages
Highlight keywords in visible locations of the page
Optimize objects such as images with an alternative content
Format keywords to weigh more by search engines
Website Structure Optimization
Remove dynamic content or convert it into static components
Extract text from banners and images
Add a site map
Minimize website items which may negatively impact ranking
Identify, fix or remove broken links
Dynamic Content Optimization
Code on dynamic pages to achieve Meta data optimization
Code on dynamic pages to plant target keywords for content optimization
Google, Yahoo Sitemap
Create and generate Google & Yahoo sitemap files to insure indexing all page URLs on Google and Yahoo.
Periodic sitemap submissions to reflect site updates on-time
Manage broken page links
Link Optimization
Add and optimize internal links
Submit websites to major portals, open directories, databases, and search engines
Develop an external link strategy
Define user profiles and optimize content to fit profiles
Identify and correct negative screen design elements
Identify and correct negative navigational elements
Website Performance Optimization
Insert code to track campaign and keyword performance
Generate monthly site traffic reports including keyword ranking
Optimize performance based on monthly reports
Directory Listings, Article Submissions, Social Bookmarking
We get you listed on directory listings related to your business and service area
We write and submit articles to different article bases websites
We submit you to social bookmarking sites that drive additional traffic
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