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    Website lost in the snow? Well let’s dig it out!
    lost-in-the-snow There are some 700 million active websites in the world.
    We will optimize your website and online presence so search engines like Google find your site.
    If you have a business, chances are you need or want to market it.
    If you are going to market your business, you need to market it online.
    If you market online, you need –at minimum– to have a website.
    And finally, if you have a website, you have to optimize it (and the rest of your online assets) so that people in your area searching for the services you offer will find you.
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Generates Business
    SEO (search engine optimization) may never completely replace word-of-mouth for bringing customers your way. (Although some research suggests that maybe for researching local businesses it is heading that way.) But as people increasingly turn to the Internet to research the services they need, boy, is it important!

    SEO is the art and science of developing an online presence (i.e., a website, blog and other online assets such as social media accounts) so that your website (or other online asset) appears among the first organic search results when a person searches for relevant terms or keywords. (Organic search results differ substantially from the pay-per-click (PPC) ads showing up in search results alongside organic results: you don’t have to pay for organic results.)

    Let’s say you sell 3-lb blue diamond-shaped widgets. You want your website to be the first search result when someone searches for 3-lb blue diamond-shaped widgets. And you’d also like to appear among the first results for searches for blue widgets or diamond-shaped widgets, or perhaps even just widgets. Effective SEO makes that happen.

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    While personal referrals are key, most businesses would also like to reach those customers not referred by a friend or family member. A great and growing number of people turn to the Internet to find the products and services they need, even if they don’t know a vendor us such goods or services. Recent studies suggest that some people even depend more on the Internet than on their friends and family for information about local businesses.

    Satisfied customers who find you because of your online presence will become those who send their friends and family members your way through word-of-mouth. In other words, SEO doesn’t just get you found online. It also helps to generate word-of-mouth referrals.

    Content Management System (CMS)
    How will people find your online presence? In part by your deploying an effective content management system (CMS) to organize the content of your website or blog while meeting the needs of strategic SEO. Fortunately, there are dependable off-the-shelf open source CMSs available for ready deployment. It costs little, if anything, to find a reliable CMS. We use and deploy Word Press, the most popular CMS out there.

    One terrifically important CMS/SEO “secret” or “trick” is to identify relevant keywords and then make use of them strategically throughout your online presence. Accomplishing this “trick” includes researching competitors’ use of keywords, designing an effective website or blog with a capable CMS, continually analyzing data about the traffic generated to your online presence, and adapting your presence accordingly. All the while making sure that your content is great, unique, and useful for visitors.

    Website User Experience is Paramount
    Successful SEO considers the user experience first and foremost. A site that is robust and logically constructed, has abundant unique and compelling content, and is easy to navigate, easy on the eye, fast, and renders well on mobile devices is a site that search engines will favor. Think about it. Search engines want to deliver valuable results to their customers. If your site meets the criteria above, your website is bound to be viewed by search engines as valuable. Because it IS valuable to the visitor.

    Search engines aren’t perfect, but they’ve come a long way, and they are getting smarter all the time. Gone are the days where search engines could be tricked or gamed by a website stuffed with keywords, or that had links to it from scores of irrelevant websites. There is simply no substitute for a well structured, compelling website (and especially one supplemented by an active social presence and links to it from relevant, well-trafficked third-party sites).

    We help you to implement effective SEO
    Performing that “trick”, managing the art and science of SEO to generate traffic to your website, is mission critical. It doesn’t usually happen overnight, but rather is a process that can take weeks or months.

    We are here to help, with effective on-site SEO deployment as well as with the other tasks necessary (such as social media management, online business directory placement, back linking, and managing your online reputation) to make your online presence stand out and be found.

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