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    Are you looking to increase traffic and the number of visitors to your website? If so, you should definitely look at Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. What SEO is does is to make your website appear on the first page of the search engines whenever someone searches for a particular keyword. As most people do not click past the first page of search results, having your website appear on the first page of results will significantly increase the amount of traffic to your site

    There are mainly two kinds of SEO – general SEO and local SEO. As search engines like Google have different versions in all the different countries, searching for a particular phrase might see your website appear on Search Engine Country A but not on Search Country B. General SEO simply refers to ranking well on the first page for the US-based search engine which as the most traffic, while local SEO refers to ranking well on specific country-related search engines.

    If you still do not understand, you can open up the Google search engine in your country and search specifically for a business or restaurant near your location. This business or restaurant will probably appear on the first page of listings, but you will find that they might not even appear at all when you search for the same name on another country’s search engine. This is just a simple example but it goes much deeper than that. For instance, you can also search for a general term such as “plumbing in Texas” and the search engine would return a list of results of plumbing businesses in New Jersey. But in this scenario, the term is more general and not name specific so it may not be a guarantee that your plumbing business would appear on the first page of results even if you do have a website.

    By now you should have a clearer understanding of what is SEO and the difference between local SEO and general SEO. Local SEO is a lot lesser competitive than general SEO since you are only competing with businesses around your area while for general SEO you are competing with everyone around the world. Local SEO can also help you to get more targeted visitors which means higher conversions. For example, there is no point for your website to rank highly for “plumbing services” in Korea if your plumbing service is located in New Jersey since you are only able to service New Jersey customers!

    Milltown SEO
    If all of these still sounds too complicated for you, fret not for there are many local SEO companies such as NJ SEO, who will be more than willing to help out. Most of the time, these companies also offer a free consultation before asking you to commit any money, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. Some of them might even include a free website in their package if you do not have one yet!

    So, what are you waiting for? Focus on your local Milltown SEO efforts today to get increased, targeted visitors and traffic! Visit www.NJ today to arrange a free local Milltown SEO consultation with our experts.