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    Helping local businesses in Monmouth Beach is our top priority! People in town are always looking for great local businesses to buy from in Monmouth Beach but they may not even know the business existed because they haven’t been able to find them online.

    Our main focus is helping businesses like yours understand how to generate more clients from being found online and help you reap the benefits of new traffic and customers that you were not able to before.

    We believe that if we can help more local businesses in our Monmouth Beach community, be found by new customers, it will help commerce flow here in Monmouth Beach instead of other places, creating more growth in the community.

    What is NJ SEO?
    Businesses do not become the very best by spending all their valuable time making pitches and getting turned down by potential clients. Instead, clients come to them. Today, most clients come in the form of leads via your online business website. Search engine optimization is the magic hand in this digital world. It is the process of enhancing your website through various tactics and tips to help people searching in internet search engines (such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo) to find your website on top of search results. Being on the first page of Google makes your site easily accessible and viewed by millions of searchers around the world.

    Why is SEO important?
    Every person uses search engines
    Every time a person uses the internet they have to start with a search to get the preferred information. People searching products or services online have to type words or phrases known as keywords which are linked to several sites. Web sites that have a higher ranking are on top because of a number of factors. Our services along with proper web design and social accounts will help you make it to the top of Google. It is, therefore, vital to select the right keywords for getting preferred target audience on your website. This is when you should hire a professional for help. NJ SEO knows how to select your keywords and where to place them so that your site does not get penalized.

    SEO increases traffic
    This may be common sense but most businesses do not realize the impact their placement in Google has. For example, the number 1 spot gets about 33% traffic while #4 receives 8%. Furthermore, page 2 gets below 2.4%. Our company can be thought as Digital Movers. We help your business get out of a bad area (page 2) and move to a more attractive location like page 1. This is the primary existence of what we do. Businesses otherwise pay thousands of dollars to perform pay-per-click so they are seen first in the searches. The downside of this is most customers are going to ignore the paid advertisements and go straight to the organic searches. Also, these pay-per-click campaign will end as soon as you stop paying, unlike the services we offer.

    Higher return on investment
    The process of optimizing a website is slow and steady and takes time to achieve the desired results. However, it is the best strategy and more cost effective on a long run. For example, once your website is in a desirable location in the search results your site remain there or at least in the same area (it is unusual to see drastic drops once our partnership is complete).

    How to the right digital marketing company to boost online presence and gain more customers.
    A reputable company should have the knowledge to place your business website on page 1 without implications. Search engines, such as Google, will be able to read your website more easily due to ideal on page optimization and tactical off page linking. This will place you in a more desirable location online. However, there are some things you need to consider to ensure you gain the complete benefits our company has to offer. When considering hiring a digital marketing company you must be confident in their abilities to perform. Do they have recommendations? A reliable company should be expected to follow the rules dictated by popular search engines. This is important because rules and regulations have been known to fluctuate.

    At NJ SEO we stay up to date with every Google algorithm update and SEO technique that is available. You can trust us to keep your website safe. We do not perform “black hat tricks”. We use only highly trusted, handpicked site to use as back linking. We manage all services in-house. That means your business is in our hands. We do not outsource any client. NJ SEO based in Monmouth Beach, Tennessee and specializes in local SEO whether that is here or anywhere in the nation. You can search for us using Little Rock, New Orleans, St. Louis, and Nashville. We have the specialization to successfully rank your business in your desired town.