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    Understanding Online Marketing
    Once you have a website, you need a web marketing strategy to get your message in front of the ideal customer for your business. Whether your target client is most likely to do a Google search or randomly tweet about what they ate for lunch, finding this individual can be a challenge and a drain on your time for a business owner and support staff who really should be focusing on the business at hand. Imagine what could happen if you were working with someone who knows proven SEO and online marketing strategies to get your website attention from those who already want what you have to offer. This is what we do, all the time. While we specialize in search engine optimization, we can review your business model, goals and competitive landscape and determine which combination of online marketing strategies make sense for your organization. Does your company depend on top position in the major search engines, advertising on high traffic sites, a highly interactive blog, a strong social media engagement, or an email newsletter? In most cases, a company needs a blend of these marketing techniques. We will evaluate what you hope to accomplish with your website and develop an SEO and online marketing plan just right for you.

    How Major Search Engines Work
    When working to make your organization visible in the search engines, you have two basic options from which to choose. You can take measures to make your website search engine friendly and “earn” the right, so to speak, to appear higher in the non-paid (organic) search listings for your preferred keyword phrases OR you can bid for a paid spot for those keyword phrases and obtain a listing in the sponsored ads that you find at the top and bottom of the search results page. For many businesses, a combination of SEO and paid search marketing works well to bring business to their door.

    What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
    Day and night, Google and the other search engines have electronic data collectors, commonly called robots, spiders or crawlers, traveling the World Wide Web searching for new or updated information. When these spiders visit a web page or find a new page, they are transmitting data and attempting to establish the theme or subject matter of that page in addition to evaluating various elements. The practice of SEO is adjusting the right elements in an attempt to make the subject matter of a webpage clearer to the spiders so when someone does a search the search engine will consider that page to be most relevant and informative to that searcher’s interest and, therefore, will rank it at or near the top of the organic results.

    When determining what pages should own those top search results, Google evaluates over 200 different aspects about the page, including other web pages that are linking to it or talking about it. If that doesn’t make it complicated enough, the rules change approximately 500 times a year. We make it a practice to keep up with all of these SEO rules and changes so you don’t have to.

    Though NJ SEO may still have only been around for a few years, we are far from novices. We have been keeping our finger on the pulse of SEO technology and trends since Google was a mere adolescent. For us, gaining top search engine results, through up-to-date SEO strategies, is more than just a duty – it is something that puts a smile on our face. We have done it repeatedly and fully expect to continue the trend with your website.

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    NJ SEO Experts with Proven Strategies
    The fact is, NJ SEO has done SEO for clients all over the Midwest and beyond and will continue to do so. At the same time, we particularly committed to growing Montville businesses through exposure in the search results. We love making a positive contribution to the success of businesses, through our proven SEO techniques, in Montville and throughout our fine, mitten-shaped state.