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    If you are visiting an SEO website then I'll assume your most pressing question is this:
    How do I bring BUYERS to my business NOW!

    NJ SEO strives to make search engine optimization and lead generation for local businesses easy. We let you be the experts in your field or business while we handle the technicalities of driving paying customers to you through our online marketing and lead generation.

    Local SEO is our Specialty.
    If you have a brick and mortar location (such as a store, chiropractor, dentist, doctor, lawyer or attorney, etc.) or provide a service in your community (home repair services, roofer, locksmith, photography service, plumber, tree care / landscaping or ANY other contractor, etc.) then we can help bring you customers.

    Customer Service should always be your number one goal.
    We want to work with companies who take pride in their daily activities and whose main concern is to keep their customers happy. This promotes repeat business, referrals, positive reviews and great word of mouth traffic.

    Your Online Presence is Key.
    Local businesses can greatly boost sales just by being found on the internet. Anyone can have a website or a store but unless potential customers can find you, it won't matter the quality of your work. It's also not all about just having a good-looking website. You MUST have relative information in the form of keywords that people are searching for located on your website.

    Drive Traffic (Visitors) to your Website.
    We use many strategies including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keyword marketing, content creation (writing services), link building strategies, advertising, blogging, contests, social media marketing, directory submissions (citation service), affiliate marketing, press releases and much more.

    We Evaluate your Competition.
    OKC SEO evaluates your competitors so we can devise a strategy to push you ahead of those businesses competing against you.

    We get you Established as an Authority in your Industry.
    We want both your customers and the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to recognize your business as the definitive leader in your community. To do this we evaluate how you do business so we can target buyers and bring them to you.

    We get you listed on the Google Organic Search Listings, Google Maps and Apple Maps ahead of your competition.
    Google drives more viewers to your website than all the other search engines combined. Google has complicated algorithms which constantly change as to how they evaluate each website. Hire a professional service to manage your online presence so you can focus on the ins and outs of servicing your clients and customers. We do what we do so you can focus on what you do.

    We get your website mobile ready.
    Over half the online searches are made from cell phones and other mobile devices. We make sure your website navigation is compatible and can be easily navigated from today's cellular phones.

    Do you Need Reputation Management?
    We help repair your businesses online reputation. Our consultants find solutions and fix problems less experienced SEO services may have caused.

    Social Media is our Bitch
    Catch your attention? We are not always crass especially when professionalism is important but what are you doing to grab your customer by the (hand) and lead them to your products and services?

    Get Facebook shares, likes and actual visitors to your website.