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    What Every Business Owner Should Know About SEO
    SEO, stands for search engine optimization. It is the Art and Science of making a website rank on the first page of the search results. This tactic is more effective at generating long-term traffic (without paying per click) than any other form of traffic generation.

    Over the years I’ve had to opportunity to work on a wide variety of digital marketing campaigns, and organic SEO traffic converts better and is more engaged on a website than any other traffic source I’ve seen. Now, that does not mean paid ads are not worth it, they are! Especially for driving traffic fast and testing offers. But, that’s another post.

    How SEO Works
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    Google has an algorithm that is continually updated to provide users with the best possible search engine results.

    Those who are looking for a service (or product) will get results (in Google) featuring the top websites that are optimized for that service.

    The aim of SEO is to get Google’s algorithm to not only notice your website but also consider it an authority source of information, thus boosting your ranking.

    There are a number of factors Google considers when deciding how to rank a website. Following is an overview of some of the most important aspects of SEO.

    Keyword Optimization
    Keywords are typically several words in length although they can be even longer if desired. They are words people use to find the answer to their problem or need.

    It is ideal to be as specific as possible when choosing keywords for your site. For instance, a site selling women’s shoes in San

    tip to avoid keyword stuffing with SEO Francisco will want to avoid targeting general keywords such as “women’s shoes” and instead use keywords such as “cheap women’s shoes in San Francisco” or “name of brand shoes in San Francisco”.

    Specific keywords increase the odds of getting a good Google placement as the competition is less fierce for such keywords than it is for general keywords.

    It is important to use targeted keywords in various places on the site, especially in headings and meta tags. However, primary keywords alone won’t earn a good Google placement. Google will also analyze a site for secondary keywords or LSI keywords to get a better idea of what the site is about. Make sure the site is on-target and uses phrases and words that fit in well with the main topic of the site.

    Link Building
    In times past, the amount of inbound links a site had was a major factor in determining search engine placement. This led to many companies buying links from “link farm” websites in order to boost their online presence. Google addressed this problem years ago and sites that engaged in this “black hat” SEO practice saw their search engine rank tumble.

    Links are still one of the main determining factors affecting a site’s standing online; however, Google pays far more attention to where the links come from than how many links a site has. A site that has only a handful of links from high quality, authoritative websites will probably do better in Google than a site with hundreds of links from mediocre or even totally unrelated websites.

    There are many ways to obtain inbound links.

    Social media.
    Creating a business blog.
    Outreach to acquire back links.
    Providing assistance to local journalists
    Local charity events.
    Guest posts for high quality, industry-related blogs.
    NJ SEO can do all this for you, contact us to discuss your project.

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    Mobile SEO optimization
    As a growing number of people turn to their mobile phones to find important information online, numerous businesses are re-designing their websites so mobile phone users can easily browse a site while out and about. The positive results of having a mobile-friendly website are well-known; however, it is now no longer just a good option. Last year, Google announced that it would take mobile compatibility into account when ranking websites. Sites that cannot be viewed easily on a mobile device will see a drop-in rank while sites that are mobile-friendly may get a boost.

    Content Generation
    Content generation is one of the most popular ways to boost a site’s standing in Google. This strategy involves setting up a business blog and putting up content related to your business or industry in general. The more pages your blog has, the higher the odds are that at least one of the pages will get a high Google rank. Furthermore, ongoing content generation shows Google that you are an authority in your field.

    However, it is important to realize that this strategy only works if you put-up high-quality content. Create quality content, don’t plagiarize, and update your blog often.

    Given the fact that up to 80% of all Google users don’t even bother looking at the advertised business on the top page of search engine results, it is clear that the only effective way to attract attention is to make sure your business website is listed on the first page of Google’s search engine results.

    While it may take time and hard work to reach this goal, it is not one that is unattainable. SEO involves creating a website that is high-quality use different strategies to get the search engines to see your site as an authority.

    It is an ongoing process as Google regularly changes the algorithm to provide the best possible search engine results; even so, staying in step with the changes can enable any website owner to generate traffic and sales both now and in the future.