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    It used to be that search engine optimization (SEO) was a process of choosing keywords, stuffing your website with them, and then waiting a while to see where that got you. Search engine abuse was the standard optimization technique and SEO wasn't even a term.
    That approach to SEO doesn't work anymore. Today's search engines are incredibly sophisticated. They analyze hundreds of factors, on your website as well as outside of it, to determine exactly what your website is about. There's also a local SEO component.

    Everybody wants to know the secret to SEO. SEO, in theory anyway, isn't complicated at all. All that is required is to have the most relevant website or page for the keyword, or keywords, that is the subject of the search. That's it. Be relevant.

    SEO: What is 'Relevant?'
    That's the secret to SEO. Relevancy… but, based on what?? Contrary to the way things seem, Google (let's face it, Yahoo and Bing don't matter much) has no interest in keeping your website out of top search rankings. Here's the deal. When someone–anyone–conducts a Google search, and finds what he or she hopes to find, the likelihood that this person will use Google again is pretty high, right?
    Viewed from that perspective, it is obviously in Google's best interest to display websites that are going to captivate the interest of the website visitor. It is in your best interest that it happens to be your website. We make sure that it is.
    If you think about it, we really aren't in the SEO business. We are in the relevancy business. The secret to SEO is understanding how search engines determine relevance as opposed to the way humans do. Humans see pictures. Humans ask questions, humans infer and read between the lines. Search engine spiders and search engine algorithms don't. They do whatever they were programmed to do.
    SEO is the process of making a website relevant the way Google sees it, while ensuring it meets the goals of your human website visitors.

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    Search engine optimization is part art and part science. It is one of the most widely misunderstood components of website development and promotion. Many see SEO as a kind of mystic, incomprehensible procedure that will magically propel your company's website into top rankings. That's not true at all.

    SEO Planning
    It takes time and planning to ensure your website's content is correctly structured to rank well. That said, seemingly subtle things can have a huge impact on rankings, so it can be time consuming and frustrating. Let us help you. It'll probably still be frustrating, but you'll have more time to run your business. And not to brag, but we will get you those top search engine rankings a lot faster than you will doing it on your own.
    SEO firms need to
    Stay up to date
    Be aware that there are scores of "Search Engine Optimization" companies that haven't evolved one minute in the last two decades. SEO practices that worked even a couple years ago, can get you black listed today. An example of this is comments spam. While it has always been frowned upon, and hated by bloggers worldwide, generating backlinks by stuffing them in bogus comments has been a rampant practice for years.

    Recent updates to Google's search algorithm actively penalize websites that attempt to boost rankings in this way. It's not just theoretical. We find ourselves scouring the web for toxic backlinks created by previous SEO firms all the time.

    One of our SEO clients had his website go from page one for hundreds of critical keywords, to page infinity, overnight. It wasn't until his business was on its knees that we were brought in to find the problem. It took almost six months to clean the mess up enough to start ranking again, and another 3 before we finally got back to page one.
    The moral of that story is so called "black hat" SEO can to real harm. Also, there is no such thing as guaranteed rankings, and the guy that calls you claiming to be "with" Google, isn't.