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    Getting onto page one of the search engines LOCALLY requires different strategies than getting to the top NATIONALLY. Fortunately, NJ SEO has both covered, with plans designed to get results without breaking your budget.

    NJ SEO offers a variety of local, regional and national SEO plans designed to gain ground for your business on the Search Engines and make your website the king of the hill. We’ve built a streamlined process that includes WEEKLY status reports and monthly performance reports, along with a sharp, professional dashboard that you can monitor anytime day or night.

    All of our plans employ detailed tactics focused around:

    On-page Optimization: Based on solid keyword research, NJ SEO utilizes “white hat” keyword strategies to match your on-page written content, photos, images and headlines with what your target audience is searching for. We understand the ever-changing role of keywords–especially since Google employed “Hummingbird”–and you can be assured that we are implementing the latest in on-page optimization strategies.

    Content Marketing: Frequent, high-quality content has become so important in SEO rankings, that the term “Content Optimization” has replaced “Search Engine Optimization” in some professional circles. NJ SEO is unique among SEO firms because we have professional copywriters on staff, led by our Senior Copywriter who has decades of experience not only as a copywriter, but as a respected instructor of college-level content marketing, and backed up by a bachelor’s degree in English. No one does content marketing better than NJ SEO.
    Link Strategy: NJ SEO works tirelessly to add relevant links to your site. We don’t engage in outsourced “link farming” because this practice is frowned upon by the search engines and can result in your site being taken down off search engines. There is no substitute for solid, ethical link building; our insistence upon quality links separates NJ SEO from many of the SEO firms out there.

    Social Media Marketing: Effective social media marketing and consistent content are a cornerstone of successful SEO. Regular and relevant content on your social media adds weight to your ranking, and could be the difference between landing on page two and muscling your way up to page one. In fact, not only can a well-executed social media plan add juice to your site, you may find your business taking several spots on page one when your Facebook posts show up there in addition to your website pages.
    Count on NJ SEO to supply you with solid local and national SEO plans aimed at maximizing your results and ROI at the best value for your precious budget.