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    Are you a Ridgefield business looking for HONEST, LOCAL help with your website and social media? Are you confused with SEO, SEM and all the geek speak? Don't get scammed. Too many people are signing up for services they ABSOLUTELY don't need, or don't understand. These companies are eager to take your money, but the results just don't add up. The truth is, we are NOT in Dallas or Austin. You are probably already appearing on the first page of Google. I've seen people paying for placement when they are ALREADY in position #1! These companies don't even check your ranking before they cash your check!

    In business since 1999, NJ SEO has almost 20 YEARS of experience both MAKING and PROMOTING websites here in Ridgefield. We DO know what we are doing! And it doesn't cost an arm and a leg!! 90% of my clients have first page ranking for their chosen keywords with ABSOLUTELY NO additional charges! The trick is a proper website with the proper structure and QUALITY keywords. Yes, the offsite SEO matters, but that's all the other guys focus on! It all starts with a good website. All the offsite SEO is useless if there is not a great final product with a call to action. Hits to your website don't make you ANY money! Most sites are NOT e-commerce. Traffic means nothing unless those visits turn into phone calls!! Don't be fooled by monthly analytics that show 4000 visits to your website! You need 4000 phone calls to justify what these guys are charging you! Hits don't pay bills!!

    Call us and just let us explain this to you! We don't charge for consultations. Let me see what you are contemplating. Let me explain what the other guys CAN'T! (They are just sales people; they are NOT the people doing the work!) We do the work!