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    Search Engine Optimization [SEO Services]
    Search engine optimization is the foundation of a successful inbound marketing campaign.

    SEO allows your business’s website, products and services to show up for search results when your customers and clients are searching for them. Without a properly optimized website, you won’t receive the search traffic from Google that will ultimately convert into customers and clients.

    NJ SEO kicks off all inbound marketing campaigns with a meeting to learn about your business, clients and customers. After this meeting, we will develop our initial SEO strategy that is customized to work with the objectives of your inbound marketing campaign.

    The thing about SEO is that it is not a set it and forget it strategy. During quarterly strategic review meetings, we will discuss new SEO strategies and tactics to help increase organic search traffic for your products or services.

    Components of a Successful Search Engine Optimization Strategy
    SEO is comprised primarily of two categories of factors to determine where your site will rank in the search results. Those factors are on-page and off-page. A successful SEO effort must consider both on page and off page SEO to be successful.

    On-Site SEO
    The foundation of any SEO strategy is with on-page optimization. A successful SEO strategy starts with its roots buried deep in keyword research, content, website structure and on-page optimization.

    Once the basics are taken care of, you can move along to a full content strategy and off-page optimization such as local citations, outreach and link building.

    Keyword Research
    Keywords are what drive SEO and determine what you will be found for in search engines. While we strive to rank #1 for the top keyword in your industry, we also want to target lower search volume keywords and long-tail keywords. These keywords are often used by people looking for something very specific and also have less competition.

    Initial keyword research is done during the discovery phase and includes a review of your industry, current website, competitors and more. The keyword research completed during discovery will set the foundation for the rest of our on-page optimization as well as any AdWords/Bing PPC and link building strategies.

    Website Structure
    The structure of your website not only affects your SEO, but also your users’ experiences. A website that doesn’t allow your visitors to flow from one page to another isn’t properly organized and structured, which can lead to less than optimal search rankings and user behavior, which is also a ranking factor.

    A website that silos products and services into categories not only helps Google understand the relationship and relevance of each page to your overall business, but also provides structure to your website that helps visitors find what they are looking for, which ensures a positive user experience.

    On-Page Factors

    On-page SEO is a catch-all term to include anything and everything done with the site that affects SEO and search engine rankings including:

    Meta Tags
    Meta tags are tags hidden in the code of section of your webpages. The most important, the Title Tag, is what Google usually shows as the link on their search results. We write Meta tags optimized for search rankings and click through rate.

    Internal Links
    Internal links are important for two primary reasons.

    1. It allows your visitors to easily navigate from one page to another relevant page that they might be interested in.

    2. It allows Google to crawl your site to understand its structure and how pages are relevant to each other and to your business/industry. Having relevant pages linked to each other can help increase your authority in Google’s eye.

    Images can also be optimized for search and help boost rankings, but they are more important to help increase user engagement on your website.

    Images are important because your visitors aren’t actually reading your website word-for-word. Images can showcase your products to your visitors or convey a point about your services. They also help break up blocks of text and help a webpage look less daunting than a page with paragraph after paragraph of text.

    The most important pages for your business are your services and products pages. These pages must be optimized not only to show in the search results, but also to:

    • Provide your customers and clients the information they are looking for when they land on your page
    • Answer questions that your visitors might have about your product or services.

    The problem with products and service pages is that you can only target 1-3 specific keywords per page, and you only have a finite number of products and services.

    This is where blog posts come into play.

    Having a full content strategy that includes regular blog posts allow you to target other keywords and develop content that is resourceful and helpful to your audience. While not all of these posts will convert a visitor into a client or customer, they expose your company to people that wouldn’t have known about you otherwise while also positioning you as an authority in your industry.

    Content Structure
    The words on the page are only half of the importance of content. The way your content is laid out on a page is crucial to engaging your visitors and ensuring pages can be easily scanned, allowing users to find the information that is most important to them.

    Off-Site SEO
    Off-Site SEO consists of strategies aimed at obtaining links and traffic from another site. If a website has good on-page SEO, it might not necessarily need a robust off-site SEO strategy. When it is necessary, we can devise strategies to help build links and awareness to your website.

    Local Citations/Business Directories
    If you operate a business that services a certain location, you need to build local citations. Local citations are listings on websites and directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, Yellow book and other city and industry-specific directories.

    We will build your local listings on all the major directories as well as find some city and industry specific directories that will help your local search rankings.
    There are multiple factors that Google take into consideration for local search rankings are reviews. Google reviews are your best bet because they show up in the search result, but reviews on Facebook, Yelp and other websites can also help, depending on your business and industry.

    Outreach & Link Building
    Building links is a daunting task. There are many black hat SEO techniques that Google frowns upon and can get your website penalized. Instead of building links, your website needs to earn those links.

    • Publish epic and resourceful content that other websites would like to promote to their visitors and users.

    • Promote your content to influences in your industry that will link to your content or share it with their audience.

    There are no shortcuts when it comes to outreach and earning links from quality websites. Most of our clients don’t need a robust outreach campaign, but when the time comes, we can put together a campaign that gets results.