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    How is SEO changing?
    Ask any old school SEO agency and they will tell you how easy it was back in the day to get in front of people looking for your product or service. You knew everyone was searching on Google or Yahoo for the most part, so it was easy to focus there. You could stuff your website full of keywords, comment on blogs with a backlink, and guest post until you were blue in the face, and your website would probably start ranking well in search engines.

    Today, consumers attention is pulled in millions of directions, with billions of options and thousands of points of influence. What does this do to their search patterns? It gives them the power and makes them savvier. This makes being everywhere as important as ever for your brand.

    Google still remains the dominant over all search engine, however depending on who a searcher is and what they are searching for, Google might not be their first choice. Bing, YouTube, Amazon, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Quora are places that people go to find “answers”.

    People visit YouTube to learn how to do things, or how others did it.
    People visit Amazon to compare and price shop products
    Many people visit Bing by default when they are on an Android phone or other Microsoft device
    People visit Quora and Reddit to ask questions to their peers, and offer suggestions to them.
    People use social media to “window-shop” content to make informed decisions about their own life.

    Traditional SEO focuses on Google and Bing to get ranked higher in search engines, and this still remains the core of any SEO plan, but these other platforms have become an integral part of placing your brand in front of people looking for the products and services you have to offer.