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    Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization Campaign (SEO)
    Our marketing program, conducted over several months, provides a comprehensive internet marketing campaign for your website. There are two areas of focus for your site: first, on-site factors that influence engines, such as page keywords and optimization of site architecture; second, off-site factors like links, what others say about you, the download speed of your site and many other considerations that drive search engine results.

    Our 12-month program works with both on-site and off-site components of your site and includes:

    Web evaluation
    Keyword research
    Page optimization
    Content optimization
    XML sitemap creation, installation
    Google analytics
    Request links from industry sites
    Creating a website and establishing a domain name are the first steps in starting a web-based business. But with more than a million new websites appearing on the web every day, it may take years for your site to be easily found in the search engines. Effective marketing ensures that the site will maintain and even improve its ranking for years.

    Careful evaluation of your web presence is an essential step in developing a customized marketing plan. We begin with an assessment of your web position in three major search engines. Though you may have received offers to submit your site to “thousands of search engines”, in reality there are only a handful that truly matter.

    Keywords are essential to visibility on the web. Out of the Box (OTB) research can guide targeted customers to your site by carefully choosing a list of keywords that are relevant to your business. Keywords are written into the text on the site as well as in the “hidden” source code title and meta tags.

    Page and Content Optimization
    Design changes are often necessary to optimize the site and are critical to the level of success you can expect from SEO work. These can be made by the site’s original designer or by one of the excellent web designers affiliated with OTB.

    Program Details
    After completing the site set-up, OTB moves into identifying and making the necessary changes that influence engines.

    The landscape of the web and the “rules of the game” are constantly changing. We continually research the best practices of internet marketing for the benefit of our clients.

    Link Building Campaigns
    Finding other sites that will link to yours has always been an important part of any search engine campaign and that continues to this day. But all links are not created equal. There are link building schemes out there that come and go as fast as it takes the engines to recognize that particular “technique” and devalue it. We carefully choose legitimate, relevant sites, blogs and directories that will drive traffic to your site as well as help with engine algorithms that use incoming links as a base for ranking. We are not interested in fooling the engines but rather in working with them to provide a good experience for the user and give your site a trusted value among the engines. We do not play the popular beat the engines games although sometimes we are impressed by those clever schemers. We know that a good long-term strategy means building good links over time. We use sites that are specific to your industry. These links not only have more value in the engines but they will bring a small but steady stream of traffic to your site. In addition to industry specific links we also use Social Media links to help gain trust with engines.

    Optimization: Optimizing every page in the site
    Web Page Links: Request links to 30 industry-specific links, blogs, etc.
    Creation of XML Sitemaps
    Google Tools: Set-up of Google Account, including Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.
    Program Costs
    Depending on the size and the scope of our client's needs, our per-month agreement averages around $ a month. Every website is different, so we will need to evaluate how many months we think your site will need to get the results you want. Out of the Box charges no additional fees.