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    Search Engine Optimization, also called Organic SEO involves reworking on the content and structural design of a web site so as to impart it better visibility when a search engine result page is displayed based on a particular keyword or keyword combinations. The objective is to generate an attractive return on investment for your business caused by higher visibility thereby better traffic on your web site.


    Critical to internet-based marketing campaign
    Internet has opened a new era in the world of marketing. There is abundance of information available in virtually any domain that you can think of and there are millions of users accessing internet to extract information or perform keyword based targeted search.

    About four-fifth of all clicks based on a search result is directed to organic listing of web sites, while the rest goes to paid ads or PPC ads. Your web site, howsoever beautifully designed, is of no use if it does not appear high on the search engine result page, because a viewer rarely hits on a web site link that does not appear in the first few results.

    Our SEO services Los Angeles aims at working on the web site so that it ranks higher and appears earlier on the search engine result page. Quite understandably, it is critical to the internet-based marketing campaign of any organization.

    A web site optimized for keyword searches helps your business to grow because it results in:

    Increased traffic;
    Improved visibility; and
    Higher on-site conversions.

    Get your priorities right, keyword research is half the battle
    Reaching a high rank in search engine result page and generating higher good quality traffic on your site are often not pursuing the same objective. Even a high rank may not get you higher businesses if the rank is not achieved with the most appropriate keywords or keyword combinations describing your business. Search Engine Marketing works on thorough and meticulous research on keywords and comprehensive analysis of results so that the maximum hits are generated from viewers who are most likely to get to the level of doing business with you.

    What Can Our Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization Do For You?
    We work on three different aspects related to SEO when we are providing our services to you. These are best described in the following diagram.


    Thus, the three building blocks of our SEO services are working on Accessibility, Content and Trust. By accessibility is implied improving the technical and critical SEO factors relevant for your web site, such as internal link architecture, competition for targeted keywords, etc. Enhancing the content of the site is important for indexing or getting found for related terms. Finally, we work to build your site’s trust with various search engines through link building.

    An Ongoing Management Process
    SEO process is not a one-time exercise – a one-time shot cannot achieve competitive and high rankings on major search engines for all time to come. It requires consistent execution using innovative and meticulously thought-out methodologies to beat your competitors. If your Los Angeles SEO service initiatives stop at some point, your competitors will catch up with you sooner or later. New competitors entering into business will most likely outsmart you and push you down from your ranking. Even the existing ones will fight to get ahead of you whom you have replaced in the process of reaching the top. Always remember that it is difficult to reach the top, but it is even more difficult to stay there.


    Decoding Bliss Drive’s Los Angeles SEO Services
    Google keeps track of keywords entered by searchers and the content read by them. While a natural and unique content is likely to generate greater interest among target viewers, an extremely focused and compelling content relevant to your marketing message, business focus as well as the keywords will produce a high rank getting high quality viewers onto your site. This is what Bliss Drive works at while developing content for your web site and optimizing it for the marketing message and keywords.

    We first of all make a detailed study of your business operations, products and services offered and then work on the content of your site so that it is most relevant to keywords that are most likely to be used by viewers seeking information in your business domain.

    Depending on the needs and requirements of our clients, our SEO services cover following aspects:
    Keyword targeting
    Link building
    Social Media Marketing
    Web site content writing
    Directory submissions
    Tag optimization
    High converting Web Design
    Keyword targeting is involved with finding the set of keywords that are most effective in bringing up the content of your website onto the positions as well as the keywords that bring in maximum profit to your business. One general rule about keyword targeting is that it is easier to work on set of keywords that are longer and more specific rather than those that are short. Shorter keywords are very competitive and too broad. For instance, it is easier to optimize your site to set of keywords like “cheap kids games in Orange County” rather than to keyword like “games”, which is likely to return billions of web pages in the search engine result.

    Another general rule related to keyword targeting is that buyers tend to be longer keyword searchers, while shoppers use shorter keywords. With our SEO process, we try to get as our clients as many buyers as possible by working on optimizing the site for a set of keywords.


    No unethical SEO practices
    We place high premium on following only those SEO practices that are ethical. While doing business with Bliss Drive, you can rest assured that there will be no “black hat” SEO tactics that basically fool a search engine into making it believe that a particular site is more relevant and appropriate than it actually is.

    There are a number of such methods widely prevalent in industry, such as putting invisible text on the web page, submitting the site to “free for all” link farms, stuffing the site with meta and title keywords, doorway pages and cloaking.

    You may be tempted to believe that it is easy to get an instant high ranking using such techniques, but there is a pitfall in this strategy. First of all, there are many search engines, such as google, which has filters in place to eliminate such aggressive SEO practices.


    Long term damage to the reputation of the site is an additional loss that will be hard to bear. Moreover, a site full of keywords, related or unrelated does not really make any sense at all.

    We are in the business to create real and no false value for your business. It does not take more than a few seconds for a viewer to switch over to another site if the information presented on the site is not relevant to the keyword, and any method to lure the viewer into a site that is actually not relevant does not really work, except for appearing high on the search result page. We work to help you in the growth of your business by attracting targeted and high-quality organic traffic.

    A Long-Term Investment
    Search engine optimization is not a one-time job that generates an instant high rank to a web site for all time to come. It requires continuous maintenance to achieve consistency in rankings and thereby its visibility to users. It is in fact a long-term strategic initiative that takes time to bear fruit, requires investment and above all needs high level of technical expertise.

    With your reliance on Bliss Drive, you can clearly see the difference in three to five months, though there have been instances of getting a high ranking in just about one to two weeks.

    There are a number of factors that decide the rank of a site in any search engine results. Some of these factors are:

    • Age of domain
    • Number of quality links pointing at your web site
    • Competition for targeted keywords
    • Internal link architecture
    • On-page technical documentation

    These factors are quite crucial to increased rankings of your web site. Working on improving your site is not an exact science, but with our dedicated and committed professional effort, we will certainly improve your site ranking and thereby increase visibility to a significant extent.