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    What is an SEO portfolio? SEO is vital for business growth and to build an NJ SEO reputation, however, hiring a good SEO company can be challenging. You need to ensure that the SEO company portfolio is impressive and more importantly genuine.

    Why is an SEO portfolio important? As per my experience, there are a lot of companies faking their SEO portfolio by showing anonymous rankings on search engines and claiming they are the ones behind it.

    How do I verify an SEO portfolio? The best way to check an SEO portfolio is to call the companies and ask them itself, the only downside with that would be the hardship of reaching the right person and getting them to speak to you.

    How to select a legitimate SEO company? Personally, I would always go for the see it for yourself technique, example if I want a nice suit I would go to a tailor with the most dashing suits in the window similarly I would select an SEO company by checking their own rankings.

    If an SEO company is as good as it claims to then simply ask them for their own ranking keywords on Google, then cross-check on those keywords using Google Keyword Planner or the simple Google Search.

    Evolution is the major key to be a top SEO company and thus we have our portfolio for SEO based on the same.

    There are 20-30 more general and local keywords that we rank online, however, I hope I was able to prove the point.

    If we can rank our own website on these highly competitive keywords then surely, we can do it for you as well. With that said join us and connect with us.

    SEO Company Portfolio Reviews
    How to judge an SEO Company portfolio? I mean when you look at an SEO proposal sent to you how do you really find out if it’s legit?

    The answer to this question would be to look for the SEO companies’ rankings and reviews left by customers. These are the 2 major things for any service provider such as an SEO agency.

    A good review on aggregator sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp is what makes a strong SEO portfolio, with that said here are some awesome reviews left by our customers.