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    You've all heard about it, you know how to use Google to search for the things you need, you see your competitors ranking high in Google. Now it's time to get YOUR site ranking on the first page of Google! That process is what we refer to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In Ventnor City, we're one of the oldest firms, if not the first one, to offer SEO & Internet Marketing services. It's been a long road with much learned on the way (and we continue to learn daily in this ever-changing industry), we have a lot to show for our efforts - happy clients being the most important. We are VERY passionate about what we do and are one of the only firms in the USA to show you our client's ranking - live. We're THAT confident in our abilities - 'nuff said. "Putting up a Web site on the Internet without any SEO is like putting up a billboard in the desert.  No two projects are the same. Your business/services are unique and so is our process and pricing. The best way to find out about our SEO pricing is to fill out our quote form. The information you provide is the starting point for getting your site more organic traffic. That is what proper search engine optimization is all about.

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    Ventnor City SEO Services
    This is a small list of our more popular SEO services presented in an "a 'la cart" fashion. It may be that you just a site audit, some consulting or full-blown SEO. Don't know what services you'd benefit from? Contact us to find out exactly WHAT IT IS that you need. We aren't experts in your industry and we don't expect you to be an expert in ours. That's why it's imperative to take advantage of our initial hour of consulting - FREE for new clients - a $500 value! Learn how we can help!

    SEO Pricing SEO Pricing SEO Services and Pricing - no two businesses are the same. The same adage can be applied to your SEO & Internet marketing goals. This page goes over how we price a Ventnor City SEO project. Are you a business with a 25-page Web site? You might be directed towards the SEO pricing and packages part of our site which clearly defines our offerings and pricing. If you have an old site and not too many pages, it may be that you can get by with our $/month price point package. It all depends on your needs, goals and how serious you are about your Internet marketing.

    SEO Monitoring
    Monitoring Services (monthly, quarterly, yearly or on demand) - how is your site doing? How many monthly unique visitors does your site get? What is your most visited page? What is your least visited page? Do people fill out your contact form? This and many more important metrics are outlined in this report. We also audit a few items to make sure everything is working under the hood. Contact us to discuss what Ventnor City SEO monitoring service best meets your needs. Monitoring and auditing your site often help prevents problems later.

    SEO Audit Web Site Audit You've spent thousands on your Web site, it's beautiful, it represents who YOU are and your products to a "T". Did anyone consider how well it's going to do in the search engines??? When building a new Web site, SEO planning should be taken into consideration FIRST. It's like building a house, you don't consider the wiring later... you do it during the initial planning stages. Sometimes that's not the case for many reasons, however a Web site audit can tell you where you stand, what you need to do to bring your site up to spec and where your site is doing well. Sign up for our Web site audit to see what you need make your site the best it can be so that it can clean up in the search engines! One of our most popular services!

    Does your site obey the ever-changing rules of the search engines?
    Do you have obvious "call to actions" and "points of conversion" throughout your site? A defined goal?
    Are all the pages of your site indexed properly in the search engines? (SEO)
    How do you rank on popular phrases related to your site? (SEO)
    Is there anything else you can do to improve your site?
    Is your site easy to use? (Usability)
    Do you have a healthy backlink profile? (Off Page SEO)
    Got broken links? Fix them to show Google you have a healthy site!
    Does your site render in the most used browsers?
    Do you find yourself wondering about the points above? If so then a Web site audit will clear up these questions and more. We'll analyze your entire site and submit a report (in some cases our reports are 50 pages long!) of our findings. We not only go over the information mentioned above, but perform several vital checks/audits and test performance in key areas. We'll include industry definitions for each area examined and provide solutions to "problem areas " that we may find during your analysis. This report is a must for anyone who is serious about their Internet advertising and requires a top performing Web site. We recommend getting an audit yearly if possible (did you know Google makes ~500 changes to their algorithm a year??). Our report is written in such a way that you can hand it off to your Web designer / Web person so that they may implement our suggestions.

    Keyword Research & Seed List Seed List Generation & Keyword Research - One of our most popular services!

    Keyword research is one of the most important steps of any optimization campaign/project. Without proper keyword research (based upon your seed list), there's no sense in optimizing your site. Optimizing your site for phrases that aren't searched on much won't bring you near as many visitors as a site optimized with phrases people DO search on. It's imperative to know not only what people search on, but how they search and the intent behind the search, something examined when we perform this research for you. Our keyword research report will reveal industry related phrases as well as hidden *gems*. We'll also discover other phrases that will give your ideas on what new pages you can create for your site to generate new visitors. A must!!! Without keyword research, you won't have a successful SEO campaign. PERIOD. It's that important and we can't stress it enough.

    SEO Copy Writing
    Copy Writing - Writing good marketing copy for both humans and the search engines is a complete art and a very necessary element of a properly optimized site. We're all familiar with traditional marketing copy writing, since children we've been bombarded with it! Writing for humans on the Internet (and the search engines) is a COMPLETELY different craft. Not just anyone can write successfully for the search engines. It really is a specialized skill and is completely related to your keyword research and the tone of your company that you want to present. Both of these things start with our Target Analysis (we send this when you come on board) and our Seed List Worksheet. This is one area where you want to get it RIGHT. Good copy converts product/services researchers into buyers and that is what you want at the end of the day.