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    Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization is far more than seeing how fast a company can get your website to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Everyone wants their site sitting on top of page one of Google this doesn’t guarantee more sales. More importantly, quick ranking tactics could result in Google penalizing your site and cause your rankings to plummet.

    Social Media Marketing
    Bloomberg Business reported over 120 million Americans spend about 40 minutes a day on Facebook – that’s 40% of the US population! This is in addition to time people spend Tweeting, Pinning and using other social media platforms. How active are you in tapping into these social media platforms to grow your business?

    Voorhees Township Social Media Marketing
    Voorhees Township web site design
    Website Design & Structure
    Website visibility is great but if your site doesn’t load quickly, isn’t formatted for mobile or accelerated mobile pages, has content that compels your visitors to act – they’ll click away to a competitor’s site within 8 seconds. What a waste of your top ranking! We analyze your site, or help you build one, and provide solutions to ensure your online presence is optimized for visitors to your site to take action and not just click away.

    What You Can Expect
    No Contracts
    We perform our work on a month-to-month basis. If we’re not performing, why should you be stuck with us? We don’t have contracts because we want to keep a vested incentive to grow your business.

    Monthly Reports
    We will email you monthly ranking reports and site analytics along with ongoing social media marketing campaigns. You hired us to be the experts, but we like to keep our clients as informed about our results as possible.

    Direct Contact
    While different team members may work on your project, Richard Soesman (the founder of NJ SEO) wants every client to be free to contact him directly. Each client is given his email and cell number to reach out to him with any questions or comments.

    We spend thousands of dollars annually on testing and research and are committed to providing our clients the latest developments in search engine marketing, website optimization and social media campaigns. We make sure your hard earned dollars are continually working for you and expect our clients to have a positive ROI with only a couple additional sales per month.

    Where Are You Ranked?
    When potential clients search online for the products or services your company offers, where does your website show up on the Google, Yahoo! or Bing SERPs? NJ SEO, a Voorhees Township SEO company and Google Partner, will design or optimize your website to make sure it will be ranked on page one of the major search engines to keep you from losing sales to your competitors.

    As a local Voorhees Township SEO company, we will design or optimize your website to rank on page one of Google, Yahoo! and Bing for you to dominate your competition not only here in the Central Valley but where ever you do business. Our services will ensure your company has the right website format and content that compels visitors to take action. We make sure you are targeting the right customers and converting your website traffic into sales to increase your company’s ROI.

    If you already have a website, you may wonder why you need a search engine optimization expert. Is your website designed for both desktop and mobile devices? With mobile searches now exceeding desktop searches, websites not optimized for mobile searches lose sales to competitor’s mobile-friendly sites. And if your site is mobile friendly, is it AMP? In addition to mobile optimization, other Voorhees Township SEO services include on page optimization, keyword ranking, web design, and social media marketing.

    Two questions potential clients commonly asked are: What are you going to do for us?; and how much will this cost? Both are excellent and valid questions. At NJ SEO, we work differently from most companies. As every business is different, we do not provide cookie-cutter programs and pricing. We first have new businesses complete our discovery form. This questionnaire helps us best determine your business objectives, SEO goals and to determine if our two companies are a good fit to work together.

    We then provide all new clients with a three-month timetable of measurable objectives. After the initial three months, we will review the progress we made and, if you are pleased with the results, together we will determine a long-term strategy to base on an agreed upon budget to attain your business goals and objectives. To begin this process and receive a complimentary analysis, simply complete our discovery form.

    Quick vs. Long-Term Rankings
    If seeing your website #1 in Google is all that interests you, than NJ SEO is not the company for you. There are many tricks and tactics for immediate short-term results. At NJ SEO, we develop long-term and evolving strategies to sustain our clients’ rankings not just for weeks or months but years to come.

    Search engine optimization in an ever changing field and your SEO Company needs to be more proactive than ever. We leverage many digital marketing strategies including content and video marketing, social media, and on-page optimization to create a compelling brand above and beyond just getting you to the top of the SERPs.

    Google’s algorithms continually change. They’ll develop new animals for their zoo (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird) designed to ensure content they deem to be high quality is given priority in their search results. They consistently weed out and penalize those attempting to rank through manufactured links to fool Google rather than producing high-quality content. Those sites may be penalized and de-indexed.